Best series we saw in 2021

Horror, comedy, fantasy, whimsy, harsh realities and lyrical dreams all fought for our attention among the best shows of the year in 2021. Streaming and cable have never been such important companions for us as the pandemic continued, leaving us at home more than we … Read More

‘The Righteous Gemstones’, HBO’s Gleefully Unholy ‘Succession’, is back and wilder than ever

Replacement of boardrooms with mega churches, private planes and limousines with handlebar-studded Cadillacs and glittering party buses, and gorgeous suits and designer dresses with leopard-printed shoes and white cowboy hats, The righteous gems is an insane Southern state televangelist variation over Succession. Returning to HBO … Read More

The 14 best TV series of 2021

It’s always hard to find room for everything I love on my list of this year’s best shows. In 2021, it felt particularly difficult, because as the streamers struggle to surpass each other, they create shows that overlap. Sometimes it’s glorious. My enduring love for … Read More