Kaci Walfall on the Rise of Naomi

The new year kicks off with the birth of a new primetime superhero. Naomi premieres on The CW tonight, and even on the superhero-rich network, this show promises to stand out. Based on the critically acclaimed cartoon by Brian Michael Bendis, David Walker and Jamal … Read More

First look: When the Saints come rushing in

Interrupted by Barbara Gordon’s powerful Gotham network and painted as criminals and terrorists by the insidious new hacker known as Seer, the newly struck team of Oracle, Spoiler and Orphan – also known as Batgirls – are supposed to lie low. Batgirls settling on a … Read More

My top three in 2021: Joshua Lapin-Bertone

We can all agree that 2021 had lots of good things for DC fans. From the growth of DC on HBO Max, the emergence of spectacular new characters and another DC FanDome that was even more spectacular than the first, DC Multiverse is now bigger … Read More