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Are We Getting a Blade Cameo This Year?

Will 2022 be the first year we see the Daywalker on-screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? One new report circulating Monday morning suggests as much. A post by the scoopers at Cosmic Circus says we’ll see the return of Mahershala Ali’s Blade in Disney +’s … Read More

“It Was Absolutely a Blast”

As it turns out, Guillermo del Toro had the time of his life directing Blade II. Long before the days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, del Toro managed to get his own superhero flick featuring one of Marvel’s most popular horror characters. The film was … Read More

Kevin Hart, Ugly Side of Obsessive Fandom

Theo Rossi as Gene, Wesley Snipes as Carlton and Kevin Hart as Kid in Netflix ‘True Story.Picture: Netflix In Netflix’s new limited series True story-made by Narcos: Mexico executive producer Eric Newman — Kevin Hart stars as Kid, a barely fictionalized version of himself who … Read More