io9 Reader Poll: Best Marvel Comics Storylines

Image: Marvel Comics Before he was busy fundamentally overhauling the X-Men with a host of writers and artists to establish the golden Krakoan Age for Marvel’s Merry Mutants, Jonathan Hickman basically re-wrote the entire goddamn universe in a legendary run across a series of main … Read More

X Lives and X Deaths Of Wolverine

Cover by Adam KubertImage: Marvel Comics (This review reveals major plot points for Inferno spirit X Lives # 1 & 2.) Since Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz, and RB Silva unleashed House Of X in 2019, the X-Men books have flourished under the new creative direction. … Read More

How to Get Into the Krakoan Age Comics

Image: Mahmud Asrar / Marvel Comics What’s it about? Shaken but not broken by the events in Otherworld, mutantkind continues in its quest to safeguard its new home. Exterior threats still poke and prod at Krakoa’s safe haven, our heroes continue to build on the … Read More