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Bold and beautiful: Finn worries that Steffy will meet his parents at the wedding

At Forrester Creations, Katie and Brooke share a laugh about Bill’s prison experience that does not make him more humble. Katie reports that he spends every extra minute with Will. Brooke confirms that Liam and Hope are doing the same. Talk turns to Ridge, pointing to Steffy and Finn’s little Hayes. Katie wonders if there will be another wedding soon. Brooke confirms that Finn and Steffy are as engaged as it gets. She wonders if Finn was not working at the hospital when she was brought in, they might never have met each other. Katie thinks it speaks to Brooke’s belief in fate. Brooke says Steffy seems happy and Katie agrees that she is definitely in a mature way. Talk turns to Bill trying to charm Bill. The brunette admits he is relentless, but swings back to Steffy. She does not need a man to define her, but they are crazy about her so she does not understand; “What does it hold up?”
katie and brooke talk weddings bb

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At Forrester’s design office, Paris understands that Finn was disappointed that Steffy interrupted marrying him – that’s not what he wanted to hear. Finn assures Paris that he is good. The young woman thinks they are relationship targets, and tells him that he is special. She is grateful for his and Steffy’s generosity. Zende comes in with the files Steffy needs and Finn tells Paris that he will see her later. Zende repeats, “He’s a good guy.” Paris agrees. “He certainly is.”
find and paris talking wedding bb

Paris returns to admire Zende’s latest design and declares it a showstopper. Zende is happy that they decided to take things a little slower. He does not want to endanger the lightness he feels with her. Paris agrees; she does not want their relationship to explode like that of others. Zende notes that he felt like he was getting into something between her and Finn. “Is everything alright by the beach house?” Paris says it is, but sometimes you pick up nuances.

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Ridge and Steffy Finn’s good qualities run by the rock house. Ridge thinks he hears something – wedding bells! Steffy moans and takes a playful stroke on him. Steffy talks about how sweet it is to see Finn as a father, and Ridge outlines the look on her face. He does not want to show her what he is working on and she guesses that he is designing his dress. Finn arrives, so Ridge leaves them to discuss the future.
ridge designs steffy's wedding dress bb

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Ridge joins Katie and Brooke at the head office in Forrester and welcomes her new granddaughter when they peek. They ask if Steffy and Brooke reveal that they wondered why they are not married yet. Ridge questions those who care about Steffy. Brooke is glad she found Finn. Ridge agrees that it is a relief for him. He’s glad Liam’s with Hope and thinks Steffy should be with Finn. Brooke and Katie still want to know why she has not made it official. Ridge teases that he might have information. They urge him to spill. Ridge reveals that Steffy is planning to talk to Finn about getting married – there may be wedding bells soon.
back shoots to katie and brooke about hayes bb

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At Steffy’s, she and Finn can canoe as he delivers the files from the office. She feels so lucky to have him in her life. He feels like the lucky one. She concludes that they are both lucky and confirms that she will never let him go. Steffy says she always wants her arms around her and adds, “Until death do us part.” Finn asks, “Are you saying what I think you are saying?” Steffy mumbles, “Mmhmm.” They kiss. Steffy tells Finn how happy she was when he proposed and how much it meant he wanted to get married right away. She realizes that it must have stung when she said she needed time. Finn understands that she needed to breathe.

finn's excited steffy wants to get married bb

Steffy wonders how Finn shows he loves her and declares that she wants to marry him … and she will do it right away. Finn has wanted it since the first moment he saw her eyes. He would be honored to have her as his wife. They kiss passionately. Steffy repeats that she will marry him right away. They rejoice and embrace, but Finn’s expression changes to look worried when she mentions meeting her parents.

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