Book of Boba Fat Character posters introduce familiar faces to Star Wars

The Sand in Tatooine has been disrupted again as Disney has released another set of character posters to accompany the latest episode of The book about Boba Fett. Every week, new posters are released highlighting key people on the journey of the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter, and now three new, sand-orange posters have surfaced showing some faces that may prove to be fan favorites.

The first, and perhaps the most memorable, turns out Danny Trejo‘s unnamed rancor keeper, who appeared alongside the Hutt twins when they offered Boba Fett a remorse as redress for their disagreement in episode two. Trejo has appeared in a number of directors and executive producers Robert Rodriguezprevious projects – including all three From morning to evening films, one of which also plays Boba Fett himself, Temuera Morrison – so it should not exactly be a surprise to see him appear in Rodriguez’s Star wars project, but it’s a pleasure nonetheless. And it looks like we’ll probably see more of him in future episodes if Boba’s intention to train the horror is of any indication.


The second poster is perhaps the most confusing of the flock that shows up Stephen Root‘s Lortha Peel, the water trader who begged Boba Fett to take care of the street gang stealing his furniture. (A gang that Fett would continue to recruit as his muscle, accordingly Star wars‘recently “random adoptive father” troop.) Peel only appears in a small portion of the episode, but given that he’s responsible for introducing Fett to his newly adopted gang of space punks, he might deserve a poster of his own.

Image via Disney +

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The third poster then rightly shows two members of Boba’s new family security team responsible for chasing the Mayor’s Majordomo (David Pasquesi) on their candy-colored speeders in last week’s episode. Drash (played by Sophie Thatcher of Yellowjackets fame) stands just behind Injury (Jordan Bolger), who stares out at viewers with his cybernetic eye and proves that the space punks can be more useful to Boba’s story than the audience first thought.

As Disney still keeps its Star Wars secrets closely hidden, audiences have no idea whether these characters will continue to matter to Boba Fett’s story. But it seems like only important characters – like the Hutt twins and Carey Jones‘s Black Krrsantan – has received poster treatment so far, so it may serve fans well to keep their eyes open for these four faces while new episodes continue to roll out.

The book about Boba Fett, also contributing Ming-Na Wen, is now streaming on Disney +, with new episodes airing on Wednesday. See the brand new posters below:

Image via Disney

Image via Disney

Image via Disney

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