BravePicks 2021 – CANNIBAL CORPSE’s Violence Unimagined # 2

BravePicks 2021 – CANNIBAL CORPSE’s Violence Unimagined # 2

December 29, 2021, a day ago

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BravePicks 2021 - CANNIBAL CORPSE's Violence Unimagined # 2

As the world continues to fight a virus, we present the ultimate escape! It’s time to celebrate our BravePicks 2021! Heavy metal is the ultimate diversion, so let’s let the music speak. It’s time to unveil our annual BravePicks countdown, with the believing scribes at BraveWords casting their votes on this year’s hits and misses! So who will be our # 1? You’ll find out when we count down BravePick Of 2021 every day in December!

Everyone has an opinion and it’s time for ours! And stay tuned in January for the authors’ individual Top 20s (ONLY new studio albums), Top 5 Brave Embarrassments (a fan favorite!), What / Who Need To Stop In 2022? and Metal Predictions for 2022. Everyone will be shown until the new year!

First of all, the best of the best for 2021 NOW begins!

BravePicks 2021

2) KANNIBALLIG – Unimagined Violence (Metal Blade)

A new food frenzy and blood-soaked chaos emerged in April with Cannibal Corpses Violence Unimagined. 2021 was a phenomenal year for death metal, and all that power, brutality and aggression was unleashed in Violence Unimagined. Veteran guitarist Erik Rutan fits in seamlessly, like a fresh saw blade ready to cut his victims apart. The album is refined consistency, a legendary band that knows what to do and how to do it well. With more inventive, lively, violent lyrics, this Cannibal Corpse is at its peak, which says a lot about a track with many top records. Violence Unimagined wins its place as # 2!

Scribe Gregg Pratt wrote in his review:

It goes without saying that the whole band is burning through this whole album as they have refined and perfected their sound for years now, and released album after album with wildly solid DM.

I mean, just listen to “Bound And Burned” on this album, where the band channels pure Slayer vibes (and riffs and solos) and delivers it through unmistakable Cannibal Corpse-sonics. Pure power, like the absolutely perfect riffing on “Overtorture” or the strong closer “Cerements Of The Flayed”, Violence Unimagined, which adds to classics like Kill and The Bleeding at first listen; I can only imagine that time will treat this very well.

2) KANNIBALLIG – Violence Unimagined (Metal Blade)
3) HYKLERY – Worship (atomic bombing)
4) PROTECTED HONEY – Dirty honey (dirt)
5) AT THE GATE – The Nightmare Of Being (Century Media)
6) ACCEPT – Too Mean To Die (Nuclear Blast)
7) CHEERS – Torn arteries (nuclear explosion)
8) HELLOWEEN – Helloween (Nuclear Blast)
9) MASTODON – Hushed And Grim (Reprise)
10) BEWITHER – Cursed be your kingdom (Century Media)
11) TRIAL – Where The Gloom Becomes Sound (Metal Blade)
12) TO KNOW – Without notice (church recordings)
13) EXODUS – Nuclear explosion
14) BAEST – Necro Sapiens (Century Media)
15 SOLE OWNERS – North Star (Napalm)
16) BUCKCHERRY – Hellbound (Round Hill)
17) KHEMMIS – Deceiver (nuclear explosion)
18) DEE SNIDER – Leave a scar (Napalm)
19) BLACK LABEL SOCIETY – Doom Crew Inc. (eOne)
20) GOJIRA- Fortitude (Roadrunner)
21) BLAZE BAYLEY – War Within Me (Blaze Bayley Recordings)
22) KONQUEST – The Night Goes On (iron oxide)
23) IRON MAIDEN –Senjutsu (Parlophone)
24) FILTHENS CRADLE – The existence of vain (nuclear explosion)
25) THANK YOU JONES – Power Trio (bad taste)
26) DARKTHRONE – Eternal Hails (Peaceville)
27) SMITH / PUKE – Smith / Kotzen (BMG)
28) TODD ​​THE TOWER – Enjoy the Suffering (Rat Pak)
29) KK’S PRIEST – Sermons of the Sinner (EX1)
30) ASPHYX – Necroceros (Century Media)


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