Bully 2 was intended to do what GTA still has not done

A new report has revealed that Bully 2 would have allowed players to enter each building, something Grand Theft Auto has not yet achieved.

New details about the now canceled Bully 2 reveal that the game was intended to tackle something there Grand Theft Auto have yet to do. Rockstar is known for its vast open worlds that are absurdly dense. Some of this comes through the number of unique environments, the people who populate it, and more, but there is something that has always rubbed players the wrong way. Bully 2 should have a lot of enterable interiors, unlike GTA which largely reserves its buildings for shops and homes.

Rockstar’s sequel was developed in the late 2000s, probably for the Xbox 360 and PS3, but it had many ambitions. Initially, Bully 2‘s card was three times larger than the card in the original game, giving a lot of freedom. Of course, in perspective, this would not come close to the gigantic settings too Red Dead Redemption or Grand Theft Auto 5, but since the player wanted to cross the world on foot or on a skateboard or bike, this was a pretty big world to live in.


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According to a new article from Game Informer, Rockstar planned to allow players to enter every single building they found in Bully 2. This could be just by letting players walk through the door or by letting them break in. For the Xbox 360 era, this was pretty ambitious. Even by today’s standards, this is something that has not really been achieved outside of another Rockstar title, Red Dead Redemption 2. In many cases, Bully 2 affected Red Dead Redemption 2 and let the best ideas of the canceled game live on.

What GTA could learn from Bully 2

However, many of these ideas would not see the light of day for close to ten years after they had been shelved. In that time, a whole new generation of consoles came along, which made it hard to imagine that Rockstar would really have been able to realize some of these concepts, such as the open buildings on the Xbox 360 and PS3. It’s something that even Grand Theft Auto 5 failed to exploit. Maybe it’s because the world is so big and has so much going on that it would only be possible in a smaller game that focuses on density rather than scale.

Right now it’s rumbling Bully 2 will still happen. Whether this concept could be fully realized two console generations later is still unknown, but there is still a tangible demand for this game. Rockstar has no shortage of big ambitions for each of its games, but the more restrained but equally focused approach to something like Bully 2 would make for a more than welcome appetizer to Grand Theft Auto 6.

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Source: Game Informer

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