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Bush, Cheney Become Last Survivor Members Of Tontine Pant For Cask Of Brandy

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WASHINGTON – George W. Bush and Dick Cheney nodded narrowly to each other as they both fell into the crypt containing the valuable element, becoming the last two surviving members of a tontin commitment on a barrel of rare brandy, sources confirmed Monday. “Who would have ever guessed that it was just the two of us,” said Bush, laughing as he stuck the golden key out of Colin Powell’s body next to Donald Rumsfeld’s in the locked coffin holding Louis XIII’s cognac. “I’m still surviving you, Dick – I’ve been waiting too long to taste the sweet spirit on my tongue to get an old codger like you to frustrate me in the end. So let’s bid farewell, and I expect we will not see each other again until one of our funerals. In the press, a Cheney planned to consider how an unfortunate accident on the former president would guarantee him possession of the coveted libation.


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