Can Marvel’s most powerful cosmic hero debut in MCU or is it impossible

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, which spans fourteen years, 27 movies and five Disney + shows, has introduced countless characters and story arcs since its debut. In the coming year, it will add even more movies like Doctor Strange in The Madness of the Multiverse and series such as Ms. Marvel. The Cinematic Universe’s mix of classic characters and overlooked cult favorites has served viewers well by balancing interest in lifelong fans and purely here for new on-screen experiences.

With phase four of the MCU starting in 2021 with the release of Black widow, time feels right to start wondering about the future. In addition, a list of content released to the public helps a multi-year publishing plan with predictions that are much more likely to be accurate. Movies like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3coming in 2023 – and the announced, much anticipated, but still unplanned Fantastic four, to wonder what cosmic characters might emerge feels particularly relevant.

The MCU has already introduced several powerful cosmic heroes such as Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau and the confirmed but not yet met Adam Warlock. But what other space heroes could make their debut in Phase Four? Let’s look at some of Marvel’s other cosmic heroes that would be excellent additions to MCU.

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Richard Rider was an ordinary teenage boy until the dying Nova Corps Centurion Rhomann Dey pressured the teenager to inherit his powers and join the corps. Given that the team and their home planet Xandar’s appearance in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film, the MCU has already done much of the work needed to introduce the Rider. The only thing left is actually to do it and delight fans of Richard Rider Nova, who have been waiting with anticipation for years.

Phyla-Vell, daughter of Captain Marvel

The Kree warrior who became completely Mar-Vell was radically different in MCU than his original cartoon iteration: Mar-Vell, played by actress Annette Bening, was a Kree scientist who worked with humanity to try to end the Kree-Skrull war. Yet Mar-Vell’s altered existence in the films does not preclude a path for Phylla-Vell, Mar-Vell’s daughter, to make her own appearance in MCU. After carrying the title as both Captain Marvel and Quasar, Phyla-Vell is a formidable hero. It also gives the MCU yet another opportunity to incorporate a canonical queer hero, an aspect of diversity that the films have consistently struggled to offer.

Elysius, the wife of the original Captain Marvel, made a plan after his untimely death: she tried parts of Mar-Vell’s genetic code and used them to conceive a child. Genis-Vell was artificially aged to maturity and sent to an isolated planet for his safety. When he learned of his true origins, Genis-Vell wore bracelets resembling his father’s Nega-Bands, and eventually branded himself as the hero known as Captain Marvel. Again, MCU’s Mar-Vell differs from the comics, but not in a way that this origin would still not work almost as it stands. Recognize that Mar-Vell is a woman, not a man, throw in some language about cloning a child from two women, and that would be off to the races. The Marvels, coming in 2023, could be a fine place for Genis-Vell to debut, possibly alongside his sister Phyla-Vell.

Wendell Vaughn was a SHIELD agent who became the bearer of Quantum Bands. These powerful artifacts gave Vaughn enormous cosmic strength, escape, and the ability to almost forever without food, drink, or oxygen. The entity known as Eon christened Quasar “Protector of the Universe”, a title that the hero adopted. With a host of characters on the cosmic level such as Ego, Ronan the Accuser and The Collector, already debuting in Guardians of the Galaxy movies, it’s not hard to imagine Quasar getting into the MCU Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

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Jack Hart was born in New Haven, Connecticut, the result of the coupling of a human father and a contracted mother. Drenched in the chemical known as Zero Fluid, Jack gained a number of superpowers, including the ability to project powerful brain-shattering explosions from his body. He took the name Jack of Hearts and wore a containment suit to help him limit his explosive interior. The Guardians have already paid the Contraxia planet in bind. 2. In addition, fans of What if…? could enjoy meeting a hero with such a prominent role in Marvel zombies events. Either way, Hart has plenty of material to draw on to make his MCU debut memorable.

Beta Ray Bill, a member of the alien species Corbinite, stumbled across the Milky Way galaxy before running into Thor. Unsure of the other, both parties quickly began to quarrel to discern the other’s intentions. Unexpectedly, Bill defeated Thor and claimed Mjolnir as his own. Beta Ray also had success with a competition hosted by Odin himself. As a result, Odin honored Bill to return Mjolnir to Thor and accept his own weapon, the Uru, Stormbreaker. Eagle-eyed viewers of Thor: Ragnarök will no doubt have already seen Bill’s face on a massive stone monument on the Grand Master’s planet. With Thor: Love and Thunder coming later this year, it’s very possible that audiences can see Beta Ray Bill in the flesh.

The mighty Galactus chose the man known as Norrin Radd from the planet Zenn-La, Devourer of Worlds, to act as his herald. The Silver Surfer had a long, tumultuous relationship with Galactus. However, after losing the Devourer of Worlds control, his adventures led to connections with members of the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and many others. He has proven to be particularly close to the amazing four, which would be an ideal way to introduce him and Marvel’s first family at the same time.

Franklin, the son of the Fantastic Fires Reed Richards and Sue Storms, has had almost unmanageable amounts of power since his birth. Over the years, he has been classified as a Beyond Omega Level Mutant with power comparable to Celestials himself. With the announcement of Fantastic four movies, Franklin may show up with the rest of his family.

The events in WandaVision, Loki, and Spider-Man: No Way Home (and even those that may happen in the time to come Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness) present MCU with an almost unlimited amount of content to provide the audience. With characters from every timeline and universe available to Marvel, the MCU is ready for its wildest ride to date. It will be exciting to finally learn what theories and speculations are coming out over the next few years of Marvel’s wealth of movies and shows.

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DC’s ‘best’ Robin proves it’s better to be a teen titan than a member of Batman’s family

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