Captain Marvel’s epic power upgrade turned her into a fiery new hero

Captain Marvel has just unleashed her powers in a whole new way as she assumes a brand new form in the latest issue of her Marvel Comics series.

Warning! Spoilers for Captain Marvel # 34 by Marvel Comics

In a fantastic new exhibition of her powers, Captain Marvel just managed to separate herself in a form of pure energy to become a new kind of burning hero as her physical body remains trapped. IN Captain Marvel # 34, Carol Danvers channels her powers in ways never seen before as she separates them from her physical being and somehow controls the new epic entity.

Captain Marvel has had some time to breathe in his ongoing series. Carol has just stopped a dark future from arising by stopping Ove, a future villain using magic (and son of Namor the Sub-Mariner), who returned to his timeline. Shortly after the victory, Vox Supreme, who had previously controlled Captain Marvel, reappeared and began assembling his own army of Marvels. The hero ended up traveling to Vox Supreme’s home base, where Mar-Vell died many years ago, but was captured and thrown into space in a coffin built to keep her confined.


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IN Captain Marvel # 34 by Kelly Thompson, Sergio Davila, Sean Parsons, Jesus Aburtov and VC’s Clayton Cowles, Captain Marvel manages to use his powers to create a burning, binary-like copy of himself. The manifestation of her powers blows her container from the outside and breaks the hero free. Following the new exercise of power, Captain Marvel returns to Vox’s home base after encountering a Vox-controlled Mar-Vell. He grabs her by the neck before being hit back with a Photon Blast. But as he gets up, Mar-Vell reveals his real face – but ultimately turns out to be a soldier for Vox by capturing Captain Marvel with a manipulative kiss that ends up covering her body in Vox’s symbiote-like suit . Trapped in Vox’s dark suit again, Carol utilizes her powers to manifest her separate form of energy.

Somehow, Captain Marvel separated her powers from her physical form. That means Carol Danvers controls her amazing abilities while her physical body is trapped inside the dark suit of the Vox Supreme. Future editions of her ongoing series will definitely explore how she achieved this manifestation of her powers and what it means in the future. But so far, her fiery power is her best chance to stop Vox Supreme and free herself.

If Captain Marvel is able to use his physical form and the manifestation of his powers at the same time, one of Marvel’s strongest heroes has just become even more powerful. It is an intriguing revelation that has more questions than answers at the moment. Either way, it’s incredibly exciting to see Captain Marvel use his powers in such a different way. We can not wait to see where the story goes next. Captain Marvel # 34 is in comic book stores now.

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