Captain Marvel’s Final Form Confirms Her God-Tier Power Potential

Captain Marvel’s final form in Captain Marvel: The End proved how powerful she could be when reaching into her ultimate god-tier powers.

When choosing the most powerful Avengers, Captain Marvel and her incredible powers, in almost every case, has to be on the list. The energy manipulating hero has an insane power level that few heroes can rival. However, in Captain Marvel: The End from Marvel Comics, a story that told her final days as Captain Marvel, her god-tier final form was revealed, including the hero reaching the highest point of her extraordinary abilities.

Carol Danvers ranks among the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe for a good reason. Her energy absorption, projection, and manipulation powers, combined with her strength, make her a nearly unstoppable force. As a result, she’s taken on some of the deadliest threats in the cosmos, including Thanos and other god-like villains, and comes out on top more times than she has not. Captain Marvel’s extraordinary powers even have Marvel Cinematic Universe’s characters arguing if she could stop Thanos singlehandedly. She’s that powerful. However, during Captain Marvel: The End, her final form showed the peak potential of what Danvers was possible of.


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In Captain Marvel: The End # 1 by Kelly Thompson, Carmen Carnero, David Curiel, and VC’s Travis Lanham, the final days of Carol Danvers are told. The Earth has been nearly destroyed in the future, as the greatest heroes have fallen after she’s pulled far across the galaxy. However, Captain Marvel returns to find a group of survivors, including Emma Frost, Molly Hayes, and Gerry Drew. She takes down a monster made from adamantium in her new shiny energy form by combing her powers with Fuse and giving her fellow heroes some of her energy.

Carol Danvers The End Captain Marvel

Then, in an ultimate sacrifice, Captain Marvel takes her final form, as she heads directly for the sun to revitalize it so that her friends can survive. Carol Danvers ends up using her powers to restart the sun – dying in the process, but giving the Earth another chance to live on after its near-destruction. It’s a beautiful death that Captain Marvel accepts as her energy disperses around her as she sports a smile on her face.

Captain Marvel’s final form, where she shimmered like a rainbow, turned out to be the solution to revitalizing the Earth and saving her friends from extinction. Carol Danvers’ Binary form already had immense cosmic power, so to see that there’s another level she can reach to her powers turns out to be spellbinding. Captain Marvel is still discovering new uses for her powers in the present day, but her final form in Captain Marvel: The End showed just how powerful she could be at the absolute peak of her abilities. It’s unlikely and probably impossible that Captain Marvel will ever reach the same power heights again, making the display a once-in-a-lifetime moment special.

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