Cardi B suggests that women get a Brazilian butt lift before getting veneers

Cardi B suggests that women get a Brazilian butt lift before getting veneers

Cardi B has ignited a plastic surgery debate! In a now viral tweet, a social media user shared her thoughts on plastic surgery when she wrote: “Teeth before BBL.” It did not last long before Cardi B captured the message and had his own opinion. The “Up” rapper says women should get BBLs (Brazilian Butt Lift) before repairing their grill. Cardi wrote,

“No, I think BBL before teeth … Nikkas trick on a girl with a body and a space before they do ab *** with a nice smile.”

She continued to break down the estimated costs of the said procedures,

“Your BBL is your investment for your teeth. PLUS… BBL 6,000-15,000 $ ..GOD FINER 20,000-50,000 ”

Within minutes, her tweet caught my attention. A social media user reacted to the rapper and said sarcastically:

“So BBLs SCRATCH for men. Understood.”

Cardi B responded quickly and asked fans not to make her comment a “feminine vs misogynistic debate“.

“Ugh, do not fool the tweet with the feminine versus misogynistic debates, for this is twitter, but IN REAL LIFE this is how b * tches count when discussing surgical procedures.”

The New York rapper later revealed that she received negative comments and felt that people were turning her message into something completely different.

“The natural body committee jumps me in the comments, even though the tweet was about BBL OR TEETH, not NATURAL BODIES OR BBLs.”

Cardi B has never been shy when it comes to discussing her plastic surgery history. Although people may have different opinions about her cosmetic work, the rapper has always expressed that the improvements make her feel more confident.

In a previous interview, Cardi B revealed that she had her breast made at the age of 18 and also had her butt made at the age of 20; primarily because of her career as a stripper.

“When I was 18 and became a dancer, I had enough money to buy breasts, so all the uncertainty I felt about my breasts was gone … When I was 20, I went to the urban strip club and in the urban strip. clubs, you had to have a big butt. So I felt insecure about it. It took me back to high school. So I got my ass made. “

Since plastic surgery is a controversial topic, her tweets naturally got mixed reactions. While some fans agreed with the rapper and simply discussed which operation was most important, others thought Cardi B ‘s message suggested that men will only look at you if you have a certain body type or if you have had plastic surgery done. See the different reactions below:

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