Cecily Strong returns as Jeanine Pirro – Deadline

That Saturday Night Live cold open tackled a series of headlines this week – the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, Kevin McCarthy’s marathon speech and Donald Trump’s horror – through the eyes of judge Jeanine Pirro.

Cecily Strong returned to play the Fox News personality who is the host Justice with Jeanine, when she defended Rittenhouse, acquitted of all charges of killing two men and wounding another in the Kenosha protests last year.

“The lovable scam was subjected to a nightmare by a lawsuit, just to do the bravest thing any American can do – to protect a used parking space in someone else’s city,” Pirro said.

Later, James Austin Johnson returned as Donald Trump when he went to one of his characteristic attacks on infrastructure law, Joe Biden and Chris Christie, and then talked about his own plans for a “restart.” Johnson won praise for his portrayal of Trump earlier this month, and the show once again played up the real figure’s tendency to redirect to currents of consciousness.

“We’ll be back,” Trump said. “We’ll be back in 2024. Everyone loves reboots. People loved it before they will like it again – like iCarly. Just like iCarly.

Pirro’s first guest was Judge Bruce Schroeder (Mikey Day), who started by telling her about the trial: “It was all standard procedure. That’s why I ordered the prosecution not to use the word ‘victims’, they were troublemakers, and hey were not shot, they were ge-doinked. It did not give my client and unfair advantage in any way. ”

“You said, ‘my client.’ Do you mean the accused?” inserted Pirro.

“Oh, yes, of course. I keep doing that,” Schroeder replied as the show skewed the referee’s controversial move, which was seen as favorable to the defense.

Pirro also noted McCarthy’s eight-hour, 32-minute floor speech on Thursday night and early Friday, which had the effect of simply delaying the $ 1.9 trillion House passage of the Build Back Better Act. She went to a clip of “hour six” of McCarthy’s “rhetorical masterpiece” of a speech. Still, the clip was by McCarthy (Alex Moffat) trying to turn a plastic water bottle around.

Pirro’s reaction? “And the brave man prevented the Build Back Better Bill from being passed … until the next day, when it was passed in two minutes.”

The show then mocked Pirro’s lukewarm embrace of Trump.

“I know you have a lot of thoughts about the infrastructure bill, so I just want to let you riff while I sit here and get really rock hard!” said Pirro.

Johnson again captured Trump’s runaway non-sequiturs who can defy understanding.

“Glad you took up the awful bill because the truth is, no one has made more infrastructure than me. And people say, and you know what? ‘People’ are, of course, people who are me.”

Then Trump got into a bit of a word salad as he brought up the “wall”.

“They say I want to build it back a little bit better because I made the wall, big beautiful wall. It’s not just a wall, because when you put a wall down through a meadow, okay honestly, that’s the way, and if you take the wall and lay it across the river, then hush, we make a great bridge. ”

“Wow, I’m edging …” Pirro replied.

Then the screen split, with Trump accompanied by a word graphic so viewers could follow as he spiced up his points with non-sequiturs.

“Joe Biden tried to restart Obama, and it flopped. It flopped like the female Ghostbusters. Speaking of girls, why did they restart Gossip Girl?“And he continued.

“Oh, I hope this never ends,” Pirro said.

Trump then went into free association when he thought about Chris Christie, Bill Maher and Dua Lipa. “You know what, her husband, who is not very attractive, it’s awful what they’re doing with Dua Lipa’s husband, is not attractive, we have to do something about it.” On the other side of the split screen, to help the viewer, was the graphics of a word search game.

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