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CHINO HILLS (CBSLA) – The eight nights in Chanukah are underway and the celebrations begin Sunday night.

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Jewish families across the globe gather around their menorahs to light a candle at sunset each night – a tradition that stretches back to the 2nd century BC.

An extra candle is lit every night until on the eighth and final night of the celebration, also known as the candlelight vigil, all the candles are lit.

The menorah is lit in such a way as a celebration of the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.

The legend tells of the revolt of the ancient Jewish people against Greek-Syrian rulers in the 2nd century BC. When they reached the temple, they wanted to light the menorah, but had only enough olive oil to last one day – it lasted for eight.

These eight days of light are now commemorated in the eight days of Chanukah. The ninth and longest candlestick, often found in the middle of a menorah, is referred to as the “shamash” or “helper.” It is used to light the other eight candlesticks.

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The first night, both the shamash and the first branch are lit.

Rabbi Mendy Harlig of Chino Hills and his family are one of many families celebrating the holiday around the United States and the world.

He believes that the story of Chanukah is filled with many messages that could be beneficial for everyday use, even in modern times. One of these messages:

“The most powerful message in Chanukah is light over darkness. Especially times like now where we are where people might think the world is so dark.… Focus on positivity. Add light and it will – in itself – get rid of the darkness. Just as miracles happened then, they still happen in our time. “

Along with the lighting of the menorah, Jewish families participate in other Chanukah traditions such as frying latkes, playing dreidel, exchanging gifts, and saying blessings and prayers over the menorah.

Chanukah, also called Hanukkah, is expected to reach his final night on December 8th.

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A public menorah lighting is scheduled to take place at. 18.30 Tuesday night in the shops in Chino Hills.


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