Chase Stokes Net Worth 2021: ‘Outer Banks’ Salary Vs. Madelyn Cline

He may not earn as much as the $ 400 million tax on External Banks, but the net worth of Chase Stokes is still enough to make our jaws drop.

Stokes, who grew up in Annapolis, Maryland, began appearing in small roles in shows such as Stranger Things and Daytime Divas before his major breakthrough as John Booker Routledge – better known as John B. – on Netflix’s External Banks. In an interview with Chicks in the Office in 2020, Stokes revealed that he originally turned down an audition for John B. “It was four friends on treasure hunt, Netflix, and the character’s name was John B. So I thought, ‘This is fucking Goonies. It’s a Goonies reboot. ‘ I said no, ”he said. “I do not want to touch a piece of iconic cinema and ruin it. I thought it was my worst nightmare to make a bad restart. “

Stokes, who originally tried out the role of Topper before reading for John B., however, explained that his opinion changed about the show when he read the pilot. “I read the pilot and I’m like ‘Oh my god, this is not The Goonies,'” Stokes said. “I wasted it so badly together.”

In June 2020, Stokes confirmed that he and his External Banks co-star, Madelyn Cline (who plays John B’s love interest, Sarah Cameron), were boyfriends. In an interview with Fashion Week Daily in 2021, Stokes explained what it was like to perform with his then-girlfriend. “It’s one of those things where when you get to work with people you love and care about – and I say it collectively as a cast – it just makes life so much easier,” he said. “You always hear about drama on set after learning the dirty dark secrets of what’s really going on, but this is one of those shows where I’ll rightly say that everyone on this cast is so wonderful that work with. Madelyn and I are very transparent about our relationship and we keep our personal things at home. “

He continued, “Obviously, we spent a lot of time together, so there are definitely some who are seeping through! And that’s just fine. But it’s fun to create characters that are not ourselves, and then make other decisions. “than we probably would normally take. So it’s fun; it’s a lot of fun to dive into another world.”

In November 2021, People confirmed that Cline and Stokes had split up after less than two years together. “Madelyn and Chase are no longer together,” a source said at the time. “They tried to fix things privately, but broke up a few months ago.”

A source also told Us Weekly at the time that the former couple’s “busy schedules” had a lot to do with why their relationship did not work out. “They have been trying to figure it out for a while, but decided to go their separate ways,” the insider said. “They both have busy schedules, which made it difficult for them to spend a lot of time together. They have no bad feelings towards each other and remain friends.”

So what is Chase Stokes’ net worth and how much does he earn External Banks and other projects? Read on for what we know about how much Stokes is worth.

External Banks

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What is Chase Stokes’ External Banks pay?

How much does Chase Stokes’ cost? External Banks pay? Mens Stokes’ External Banks salary – and how much the rest of his cast earns – is not known, there are some clues as to how much he could earn. Considering that External Banks Season 2 was the most-watched program on Nielsen’s list in August 2021 – with more than 1,160 million views and 2.1 billion minutes on Nielsen’s report – we estimate that Stokes and his teammates are making a decent amount of money.

regarding External Banks‘casts salary, we can estimate that the cast probably reached around what the cast from other Netflix shows, like Stranger Things, did in their first and second seasons. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the teen stars are in Stranger Things earned $ 20,000 pr. episode for season 1 before receiving $ 60,000 raises for season 2. While External Banks the salary of the cast is not known, the current salary of the cast is probably between $ 20,000 and $ 80,000 per. section.

Showrunner Jonas Pate also told Entertainment Weekly in 2020 that she expects Outer Banks to run for four to five seasons, meaning there is room for the cast’s salary to rise even more. “Ever since we started, we’ve always seen it as something that was probably like a four-season, maybe five-season show, but definitely four seasons,” he said. “We’ve kind of pulled it pretty far. I just hope we get a chance to actually tell those stories.”

Stokes stars as John Booker Routledge External Banks, which premiered on Netflix in April 2020. The show takes place in a coastal town along the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where there is a social divide between Kooks, wealthy residents, and Pogues, the working-class locals. The teenage drama follows a group of Pogues as they investigate what happened to the missing father of their main man, John B., leading them on a hunt for a treasure worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Stokes’ character is John B., the leader of the Pogues and the love interest of Sarah Cameron, a chef and daughter of his arch-enemy, Ward Cameron.

“When we record these things, especially as a young actor, I think it’s a bit surreal to see a company like Netflix be as excited about the show as anyone who’s as responsible for creating it,” Stokes told Brief Take in 2020 about the reaction to External Banks. “It’s been very, very humiliating and surreal at the same time because it’s still one of those ‘pinch me’ things. I think especially for us when we made the show, it felt like we were making this independent film , and hopefully somehow it would see the light of day, but now that it’s in the world as it is, it’s pretty amazing, man, it’s a cool experience. “

How much is Chase Stokes’ net worth?

So what is the net worth of Chase Stokes? Well, according to Pop Buzz, Stokes is worth $ 650,000, making him the second-richest cast member in External Banks. The cast member with the highest net worth is his ex-girlfriend, Madelyn Cline, who according to Gossip Gist is worth $ 800,000. Together with External Banks, Stokes has also appeared in shows such as Stranger Things, Daytime Divas, The First and Tell me your secrets, as well as movies likeBetween Waves and Dr. Bird’s advice to sad poets. He has also made partnerships with brands such as Sweet Earth Foods and American Eagle.

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