Chris Hemsworth pushes every boundary in National Geographic Reality Show Trailer

The new trailer for the National Geographic Disney + series Limitless sees Thors Chris Hemsworth take on a number of death-defying challenges.

A new trailer for the upcoming Disney + show Unlimited with Chris Hemsworth has been released.

The trailer shows Hemsworth taking on a range of challenges in an attempt to squeeze his brain and body. He explained: “You’re probably asking yourself why I’m dangling from a rope a thousand feet off the ground. I’m asking the same question. Well, Disney wanted to do a show about longevity, it turns out this has something to do with it. “

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Hemsworth also touched on why he wanted to take on some of the challenges in the trailer. “I’m getting older now, I do not feel invincible. It makes me want to push myself to such an extreme and live as long as I can and continue to make the most of every moment,” he added. Unlimited with Chris Hemsworth will push both his mental and physical boundaries as he is trained along with scientists and experts.

The show promises that Thor: Love and Thunder star will work harder than ever, emphasizing his quest for “strength, resistance, memory, resilience, regeneration, and acceptance.” Each episode will see Hemsworth take on a different type of challenge, and the show will take place in a variety of locations. The clip teases some of the death-defying stunts that the actor will participate in, including walking on top of a skyscraper, surfing under Arctic conditions and scuba diving.

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The trailer even touches on how a show in this extreme way can have significant risks, even for someone like Hemsworth, who is used to dedicating time to building his physique. The teaser shows researchers discussing how some of the challenges involve the risk of death due to the physical limits to which the actor has to push his body. When asked what made him nervous about the challenges, he jokingly replied “death is usually the big one.”

The six-part Disney + original series comes from National Geographic and Nutopia Productions. Some of the already popular National Geographic shows at Disney + include The world according to Jeff Goldblum, Fauci and Dead End Express. The series is directed by Oscar-nominated Darren Aronofsky, who is known for his work with Pi, Requiem for a dream and Black swan.

Unlimited with Chris Hemsworth coming to Disney + next year.

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