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Cowboy Bebop gets a little more tolerable with the Seinfeld mash-up

What's up with anime adaptations?

On Friday, Netflix released the first season of its live action Cowboy Bebop series. It is all in all not a particularly good fit. There are many reasons why the leap from animation to live action does not quite work, but the show’s sense of humor – best illustrated in a diner scene used as a promo clip last week – is among the most eye-catching.

Fortunately, that scene is playing much better now Cowboy Bebop has received the same treatment as all TV series and movies finally shall and found himself bothered with Seinfeld.

Seinfeld Bebop, assembled by a Vimeo user with the handle Smelford Dip, ser Bebop‘s Spike and Jet sit together in a dining room after a slack bass intro, remarks about “fake cheesy bread” and abuse of the bidet marked by a lantern number. Faye runs in to tell a story about eco-terrorists that actually works pretty well as a third Seinfeld character’s introduction to a scene. the “that’s nutbags” line, which stands out uncomfortably from the whole thing, has been turned into a Netflix logo eventually.

The scene is not more fun – or appropriate Cowboy Bebops characters like them was originally written– this way, but it at least plays better as a bad sitcom. (It also makes us wonder how Seinfeld‘s cast matches Bebop‘s, as Jet is apparently George here, and Spike gets the role of Jerry. Is Faye more Kramer or Elaine?)

Now we want a reverse mash-up where George, Elaine, Jerry and Kramer’s lives are scored by Yoko Kannos mournful blues and optimistic jazz compositions. The Internet can of course make this Spoon and if we want to twist the enjoyment we can from this crossover, it absolutely must.

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