Cowboy Bebop Star opens up about Faye Valentine Casting Criticism

Cowboy Bebop star Daniella Pineda talks about dealing with internet trolls and criticizes her lack of resemblance to her anime counterpart.

Cowboy Bebop star, Daniella Pineda, recently responded to criticism over her lack of resemblance to her character, Faye Valentine, as seen in the anime portrayal of the character. Cowboy Bebop follows the adventures of a ragtag group of bounty hunters as they chase criminals across the galaxy in their spaceship, Bebop. The first season aired on Netflix on November 19 with ten episodes.

Along with Pineda, the show also stars John Cho and Mustafa Shakir as Spike Spiegel and Jet Black, respectively. The show is primarily set on Bebop, but features a colorful collection of planets and space stations with a unique currency system and crime syndicate. The show’s lead author, Christopher Yost, has previously worked on Thor: Ragnarok and The Mandalorian.


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In an interview with Deadline, Pineda talked about various aspects of playing the character, such as going through combat training and putting his own spin on the character, as well as addressing the internet’s vocal trolls. The said trolls claimed that Pineda did not physically resemble the unrealistically proportionate drawing of Valentine in the anime, and complained that Valentine’s old physically revealing costume was changed to something more practical. Pineda had already reacted sarcastically to the ridiculous criticism and also quoted that Spike’s original dubbing actor, Steve Blum, had reacted positively to her casting. Read what Pineda said after being asked what it was like to see the criticism online:

It was definitely my first interaction with very, very vocal trolls. Social media gives access to pretty much anyone who wants to say something. Although I feel that some people would become discouraged, I found a way to clap back. With the video I gave which was very naughty and silly. Instead of being quiet, which everyone usually wants you to do, I just felt so inclined to say something. I felt that answer was clearly in the spirit of Faye. I also got Steve Blum’s blessing, the voice from Spike backing me up, and I said, ‘Okay guys, I do not care what you say, if that guy backs me up, no one can say anything.’

The live-action series is already receiving criticism for its bland retreading of already-covered terrain, despite some praise for the Netflix cast’s chemistry. The re-recording of Cowboy Bebop is based on the 1998 anime film of the same name, which is widely regarded as a landmark in the development of anime as an art form in the West. Cowboy Bebop would continue to inspire countless science fiction projects, most notably Joss Whedons Firefly. That said, there has always been concern about what Netflix’s adaptation would bring.

Pineda, who is criticized for her looks, is another example of internet trolls who get a seizure every time something changes in an established cannon. With everything from Star wars, to Doctor Who, or The masters of the universe, there will always be salt shakers of hatred who do nothing but try to sprinkle anger all over. Cowboy BebopThe reception has been less than positive, but criticism should not be used as a mask of hatred. Instead of saying that Pineda wears the wrong clothes, you might point out that American remakes of Japanese works are rarely ever worth it, and that instead of endlessly trying to recreate properties that are already icons of pop culture, creators try to make something new that only they can make.

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Source: Deadline

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