Crusader Kings 3 DLC guide

So you want to know more about CK3 DLC? Crusader Kings III is the critically acclaimed sequel to Crusader Kings 2, the great strategy game that threw this niche subgenre of strategy games into the mainstream. For almost ten years, players all over the world have enjoyed murdering and / or seducing their way through medieval Europe, and if you read our Crusader Kings III review, you will see that the latest iteration is just as amazing.

But one of the reasons CK2 was so good is that it got a lot of DLC support. And we mean a lot – just see how much CK2 DLC there is. All of the major strategy games released since then have followed similar models of post-release expansions, though perhaps only EU4 has released as many packages as CK2 has. Either way, CK3 DLC will be a thing, and if it is a thing, it needs a guide.

We’re not far from the one-year mark of Crusader Kings III’s release, so there’s obviously not much DLC to go around. In fact, the first DLC package – Northern Lords – was first released in March. It’s one of three packages we expect in the initial expansion card (two smaller, one larger), but we do not have a schedule for the rest of it right now. As such, this guide will be short to begin with, but we will keep it updated as we move forward.

Crusader Kings 3 DLC

Here is the current list of known CK3 DLC:

  • Crusader Kings 3: Northern Lords Taste Pack
  • Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court
  • Crusader Kings 3 Taste Pack # 2

A Viking longship sails along the sea in CK £

Crusader Kings 3: Northern Lords

Part of the Expansion Pass, this was the first official DLC released for Crusader Kings III. It is a smaller ‘Taste Package’, so it introduces no new features, but it introduces a wealth of narrative and cosmetic content for characters from the Nordic culture.

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This ranges from new special Nordic weapons units to unique Nordic dynastic legacies, cultural innovations, even human sacrifices. There are also plenty of new 3D models, such as longships and unit assets. The event-based content may involve things like ‘Adventurer Realms’, where characters can give up their current possessions to lead hosts in foreign lands to establish new kingdoms.

Is it worth it?

If you like Nordic characters and especially the start date for 867, then of course, but otherwise there is not much else for you here. Buy here.

Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court

The release date for The Crusader Kings III: Royal Court is February 8, 2022.

Announced at PDXCon Remixed, Royal Court is the first major expansion for Crusader Kings III. It will introduce a new area to the game called the Throne Room. This is a visual representation of your court that brings the medieval fantasy of power to life like never before.

It is only available to characters who have the rank of king or emperor, but it comes in four loose cultural variants and can be customized up to a specific point. Other features of the extension include:

  • Hold the Court – a new decision-making event where you interact with vassals and courtiers (or your own liege) when they come to seek a royal judgment.
  • Greatness – a new metric based on showing your wealth to impress rivals and attract guests.
  • Inspired people Talented artists, artisans and thinkers can work on new projects and add treasures and artifacts to your court.
  • New cultural mechanics – cultures in the game can now be combined to form ‘hybrid’ cultures, or you can stand out from your starting identity and ‘deviate’ and form a new subculture.

These are combined with some of the free changes that come in via an included patch, such as the culture mechanics that sit on top of a complete (free) reworking of this feature, and the artifacts that are combined with the return of personal inventories from CK2.

Crusader Kings 3 Taste Pack # 2

Also part of the expansion card, nothing is known about this package at the moment, but you can look at the Northern Lords expansion to guess at the amount of content it can add.

It will come sometime after the Royal Court, but as mentioned above, we do not actually know when that extension will come. This is likely to be early to mid-2022, depending on how quickly the Royal Court extension is released and the details of the new package.

An event in Crusader kings 3, one of the best strategy games on PC

Crusader Kings 3 Expansion Pass

In addition to all the expansions listed above, the introductory CK3 expansion pass comes with the free ‘Fashion of the Abbasid Court’ cosmetics package launched at the same time as the base game. It introduces some extra fashion items for North African and Middle Eastern characters.

It is not available for purchase separately, but you will receive it immediately if you purchase either the expansion card or the ‘Royal Edition’ of the Crusader Kings III.

We will update this guide as more CK3 DLC news is announced.

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