Dan Roebuck has been preparing all his life to play Grandpa in Rob Zombies The Munsters

Production is underway on Rob Zombies’ new version Monsters, and actor Dan Roebuck has opened up about what it’s like to step in as the new grandfather Munster. Originally played by Al Lewis in the classic TV series, Grandpa is a version of Count Dracula who has since settled down with his family of various monsters. It’s apparently a role Roebuck has been waiting his whole life to play, and his experience of being with Monsters seems to be a dream come true.

In a new interview with Horror Geek Life, Roebuck has a lot to say about The Munsters movie. He obviously can not indulge in any specific information about the plot, or anything else that has not yet been confirmed by Rob Zombie. Roebuck, however, can tell about how it feels to play such an iconic character. The actor describes how he personally got the offer from Zombie one day out of the blue, and describes how it was a no-brainer to accept, as he has basically been working towards this role ever since he was a child.


“After it sank in, I got the revelation that I had been preparing for this role all my life. I’m in this movie because it’s God’s will, it’s where he wants me to be. I created a character when I was twelve years old and I called him the Count.Rob told me that the character in the script was called the Count.It’s a funny vampire named the Count and when I was twelve I was a funny vampire named the Count . “

Dan Roebuck goes on to talk about Al Lewis, the original grandfather of Munster. Like Roebuck and other fans of Monsters can agree, there will never be anyone to replace Lewis. Fans should also not expect to go into this new film and expect a copy of the original incarnation with Lewis in the role, as while Roebuck seeks to honor the original actor, he will still play a different version of the character, and that’s important for people to understand it from the beginning.

“There have been several other actors who have played the character between Al Lewis and now me. All were good actors, but having the opportunity to do so in a feature film will be good for me because I have more time to work on. The fact is, you can not get to Grandpa without going to Al Lewis. He and I both look alike, we both have this East Coast sound, and I do not know. this, I think I’ll do a pretty good job. Let me put it this way, Jeff, Sheri and I do not play Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo or Al Lewis. We play Herman, Lily and The Count, which is a easier way for us to tackle it. “

Monsters does not yet have an official release date, but production is underway with Rob Zombie consistently delivering new updates. In his new interview, Dan Roebuck also discusses what it was like to work with Fred Gwynne, the original Herman Munster, on Disorganized crime. He also talks longer about this new version of Monsters he participates in. You can read the entire interview at Horror Geek Life.

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