Daredevil admits his powers are useless in Marvel’s crossovers

Daredevil’s powers make him ready to take on crime, but when paired with Marvel’s heavy hitters, those powers are virtually useless.

Matt Murdock vovehals has some of the most unique powers in Marvel comics, but the nature of these forces renders him useless in Marvel’s greatest crossover events. Daredevil’s forces rely on increased senses to compensate for his blindness, allowing him to “see” by sensing vibrations around him. While this provides a hero who can sense lies through a heartbeat and easily navigate in pitch darkness, it also means that sensory overload can shut him down. In major crossover series, where Daredevil has teamed up with Marvel’s heavy-hitters such as Thor, Hulk and the Thing, he is left virtually blind while smashing and smashing everything in sight during big fights.


In the crossover event 2014 Original without, gets heroes across the universe tasked by Nick Fury to investigate the murder of Uatu the Watcher, who is found dead on the Moon. During the investigation, the heroes discover that the villain Orb has taken one of Uatu’s eyes – where all of Watcher’s secrets are kept. This gives Orb an absurd amount of power, and brings all hands on deck to the fight to take him down. While Daredevil is there for the short fight and suffers the consequences of Orb’s attack, he is unable to take part in the major battle, making him nothing more than a footnote to the event.

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It’s an excellent example of how Daredevil in big, universe-changing crossover events is simply useless. It’s not just an insult, he admits it himself: In 2014’s Daredevil # 6, by Mark Waid and Javier Rodriguez, Murdock reflects on his hold-up against the villain Orb and says “I’m miserable in these. My radar sense can only handle so much chaos, and any donnybrook wild enough to involve both Hulk and Thing is to me like getting caught in a hurricane“Apart from old-fashioned Catholic slang, he’s right. That said, it helps highlight one of his greatest strengths.

Daredevil has achieved a high status among Marvel’s greatest heroes for a variety of reasons. Matt Murdock’s complicated relationship with violence and religion has led to some of the deepest character-driven stories in Marvel Comics, and his dual careers as a hero and lawyer breed plenty of twisted dramas for both sides to navigate. But The Man Without Fear’s powers are what brings together this engaging hero. So when Daredevil is in a situation where these powers are useless, like when Marvel’s greatest heroes steam through battles like crash test puppets with a vengeance, it can make him look subordinate, even if it’s impossibly far from the truth.

Marvel has apparently taken note of Daredevil’s shortcomings in recent years, giving Daredevil very unique roles to play in newer crossovers. In the 2019s The war of the kingdoms event, by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman, Daredevil takes on a job that, in hindsight, he may have always been destined for. To help with rescue missions across the ten Nordic kingdoms, Bifrost Heimdall’s guardian passes his sword, Hofund, on to Daredevil, giving him the power to provide passage between kingdoms for heroes in need. More recently, in 2022 The Devil’s Reign crossover, by Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto, is Matt Murdock front and center of the conflict. As Daredevil’s secret identity escapes New York Mayor Wilson Fisk, it drives the former Kingpin closer to madness on his quest to become president.

Since Daredevil is one of Marvel’s most classic characters, it’s been disappointing to see his unique powers make him a limited asset in big crossovers. Murdock’s unique powers provide stunning images in his solo series, which often would not have room for big events. While that may be one of the reasons Daredevil’s story is packed with critically acclaimed races, it does make for a tough time for his biggest fans. Hopefully though Marvel will continue to adjust and highlight vovehalss skills along with characters who just ruin things and call it a day.

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