David Bowie’s rules for living well

“Sometimes I’m so happy I depress people.” – David Bowie

When Johan Renck directed David Bowie’s latest music video, ‘Lazarus’, he was eager to contact the star just before the release. “Last Friday I sent him an email saying, ‘Happy birthday and happy birthday to your new album,’ and he never replied. So on Saturday I sent him something else, I had another little note, I can not remember what it was, ”Renck recalled Adam Buxton podcast. “So on Sunday I remember being a little grumpy that he hadn’t responded to my emails, which was a very strange thing, because when I was woken up with the news on Monday, I thought, ‘What is this? for a king, I am to feel ass sorry that he does not respond to my emails when he lies dead surrounded by his family ‘.

The foresighted point from Renck, however, is that right up until the end of his life, Bowie remained creatively engaged. Just days before the release of the ‘Lazarus’ video, in the final weeks of his life when he was ravaged by illness, Bowie enthusiastically gave the green light for a last-minute change in the video’s aspect ratio. He went to the project with the same zest for life, which made all his work soar to such an unshakable degree that Renck had no idea how really sick Bowie had become, even though ‘The Starman’ had told him that his condition was fatal.

This last chapter, it seems, was indicative of how Bowie lived his entire life. The Lord knows it was not a completely sacred existence, and for many years he was plagued by problems, but even though he was quick to assert, “I do not think seriously that I could give anyone else any advice at all,” it would also seems to have boldly juiced life down to the marrow and praised a wealth of wisdom along the way that we can all listen to somehow. As he once said, “I have it easy with death – it will happen when it happens.” And what a journey it would turn out along the way! Below, we’ve gathered the best of these grains of gold as Bowie’s rules for living well.

David Bowie’s rules for living well:

By always being curious …

You do not make the kind of wild creative oeuvre that Bowie whirled to, without a strong streak of curiosity in your composition. He was bravely incited to take continuous bold steps, not just to push boundaries, but to see what was there on the other side. However, this does not only concern a performative side of his life, and his more mundane quotes on the matter provide something that we should all be eager to keep in mind.

“The lesson I’ve probably learned more than anything else,” Bowie said, “is that my fulfillment comes from that kind of spiritual inquiry … trying to find the inner life of the things that interest me – whether it is how a painting works or exactly why I enjoy sailing on a lake even though I can not swim more than 15 strokes. ”

What’s more, Bowie was not only aware of the things that made him tick and maintain them or move on, if their attractiveness diminished, if he had an itch, he was always sure to itch it. “I’m determined that if I want to paint, do installations or design costumes, then I do,” he once said. “If I want to write about something, then I write about it.”

Smelling the roses …

Bowie has always been a man with a keen eye for literature, and despite the more bombastic elements of rock ‘n’ roll ways, it is if there is one thing a humble book conveys that life is full of simple pleasures. Just as the author Kurt Vonnegut once wrote: “Enjoy the small things in life, for one day you will look back and realize that they were the big things.”

Although Bowie may very well have gone through the early adulthood the hard way when he arrived on the other side, this notion was one that he was eager to adopt. As he himself said in 1996: “I really feel an overwhelming gratitude that I can get out of bed every day; that I still have all my abilities and that my desires today seem to make sense. That’s enough . ”

By keeping free…

David Bowie enjoyed the whims of life. When he first gained some fame with Ziggy Stardust, he quickly killed him without knowing what was next. This daring feeling of not being bound to safety is one that formed a central tenet of life and work – a doctrine he defined when he famously announced, “I do not know where I am going from here, but I promise, that it won. not be boring. “

However, he himself was aware of the reverse of this and gave the following advice: “The reason you do not want to commit is not that you are such a free-spirited, adventurous person, it is because you are afraid. That it become like your mother and father. ” While there is more than a hint of humor in this, his lesson was, in short, to take life as it comes and have faith in your own decisions, no matter how vague or concrete they may be.

In the end, the touch of humor, as he always displayed it, is also worth noting. As he proudly proclaimed: “Life? I love life very much. “

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