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Halloween kills (read our review HERE), the middle part of director David Gordon Green Halloween sequel trilogy, is now in theaters and can be seen on the streaming service Peacock. So now we look forward to the last post in the trilogy, which has the title Halloween ends and planned to reach theaters at October 14, 2022. Halloween ends begins filming in January – and during a couple of recent interviews, Green revealed when the film will be set and teased that it gets a twist ending.

Halloween 2018 (see it on THIS LINK) and Halloween kills takes place the same night, which may make you expect Halloween ends will pick up right where Kills ends – but that will not be the case. Speaking to Uproxx, Green revealed that there will be a four-year time jump between the films.

DGG: It jumps into a contemporary timeline. So we go from two episodes that are the same night in 2018. And then we get started with… It takes place at the time of release.

Uproxx: So you incorporate things that have happened in the real world since then, like what we’re going through now? Would that be a part of it?

DGG: Yes.

Uproxx: I think more stitches are coming around.

DGG: So if you think about it, I mean, wherever we leave these characters on Halloween 2018, the world is a different place. So they have not only their immediate world affected by the trauma that has time to deal with that trauma – and it is a specific and immediate traumatic event in the Haddonfield community. But then they also had a worldwide pandemic and peculiar politics and another million things that turned their world upside down.

In our own interview with Green (see it HERE) he mentioned that John Carpenter has not read the latest draft of Halloween ends “With our new ending,” and while speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he referred to this “new ending” as a “twist ending”:

[Halloween Ends is] very different in tone from Halloween (2018) and Halloween kills, and I think it’s part of my pampering. I often jump around in genres and explore different themes and characters through movies. I just came up with a new twist ending on the ending that existed a few weeks ago and it’s something that only I hold the piece of paper that has these words on. So no spoilers here. ”

Green also described Halloween ends to us as a “coming of age” story.

When I know there’s going to be a time gap of four years between movies, I get to wonder what Michael Myers is going to do in his spare time. Is he trapped again? Will he go out into the desert and grow a bushy beard while his mask falls apart, as in Rob Zombie’s Halloween II (picture below)? We’ll find out next October.

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