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DC calls Green Lantern’s famous ‘Women in Refrigerators’ story

Suicide Squad # 8 features Major Force being called out for its infamous role in the Green Lantern “Women in Refrigerators” story!

Warning! Spoilers for Suicide Squad # 8 below!

The latest issue of Suicide Squad so V DC Comics address the controversial Green lantern “Women in Refrigerators” story through his villain. With the latest suicide squad literally sent to hell, their battle with deceased members of Suicide Squad’s past has caused the Major Force to emerge. Major Forces’ murder of Alexandra DeWitt, and how he left her body for her boyfriend, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, became a critique of how female characters were treated in comics. With his appearance here and in Flash, it seems that the Major Force has become the symbol of these problems, leaving him open to physical and verbal criticism and retaliation from others.


As the latest incarnation of Amanda Waller’s suicide group is no longer affiliated with the US government, its members deal with their own personal struggles and varying levels of betrayal from their emotionless and manipulative chaperone. After being teleported to hell, Suicide Squad meets the Hell Squad, former Task Force X members seeking revenge against Waller himself. The battle is interrupted by the appearance of Major Force, a well-known villain with powers similar to Captain Atom. He is notoriously remembered for being employed by the Quorum Organization who wanted to capture and study Kyle Rayner’s Power Ring. He arrived at Alexandra “Alex” DeWitt’s apartment in Green Lantern # 54 where he beat and eventually murdered her when she refused to give him information about her boyfriend. The only Green Lantern at the time returned to find Alex dead, her body parts stuffed in her fridge so he could find.

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IN Suicide Squad # 8 by Robbie Thompson, Eduardo Pansica, Dexter Soy and Julia Ferreira Arrive Major Force and Act on Waller’s Order. Although some of the squad believe he is a “absolute nightmare“, Clifford Zmeck succeeds in cruelly killing Hell Squad leader Mindwarp. They are soon joined by Suicide Squad’s latest member Ambush Bug, a fourth-walled teleporter who reluctantly answers questions from a man he considers misogynistic. and a woman. “living trash can. “

Ambush Bug’s disgust is due to his characteristic metahumor, which allows him to tell ongoing events and offer pop culture references and comments where the infamous comic book trope is the subject of the latter. “Women in Refrigerators” was invented by DC author Gail Simone for a website that discussed comics and highlighted a trend where female characters were hurt, abused, killed or depowered simply to help move forward with a male character’s story instead of their individual stories. Ambush Bug is aware of this ongoing discussion, but his critique of Major Force shows that the blame seems to be solely on the character rather than the author or DC Comics as a whole. While some creators admitted that the term helped them reevaluate how they handled female characters, other creators were neutral or defended their story choices. The term “Dead Men Defrosting” was later coined with the argument that while male characters could be killed or altered, the real difference was that male characters often returned to their previous status quo, while female characters never seem to return to their original status.

Major Force’s powers and reputation make him a formidable enemy, but one that has recently been seen alongside other villains as in Flash # 775, trying to claim the mysterious Glaive. Wally West mocks Zmeck’s efforts and uses him to defeat other nearby supervillains before he himself gets a Speed ​​Force-driven blow. Although he is more successful in helping the suicide squad, the Major Force is clearly still taking the heat for his affiliation with the famous Green lantern story, something that would have happened to anyone else DC character in his place as the discussion it inspired continues today.

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