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DC’s suicide squad is chasing a cannibalistic superman

Suicide Squad: Blaze, an upcoming DC Black Label series by Simon Spurrier and Aaron Campbell, pushes Task Force X in a dark new direction.

A new DC Black Label cartoon starring Suicide Squad arrives in February and promises a thriller to Task Force X’s antics.

Suicide Squad: Blaze is written by Simon Spurrier and illustrated by Aaron Campbell, both of whom have previously worked on the latest iteration of John Constantine: Hellblazer, also released as a DC Black Label title under the “Sandman Universe” banner. As revealed to Den of Geek, the upcoming series will inject some of this mature flavor into its depiction of the Suicide Squad. The titular team will be made up of pillars such as Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Peacemaker and King Shark – along with a group of five consumable beginners who have been assigned superpowers via a secret procedure called BLAZE.

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Suicide Squad: Blaze # 1 2

Suicide Squad: Blaze # 1 3


  • Written by SIMON SPURRIER
  • Art and cover by AARON CAMPBELL
  • Age 17+
  • $ 6.99 | 48 pages | 1 of 3 | Prestige Plus | 8 “x 10 7/8”
  • For sale 2/8/22
  • The attacks begin without warning. Brutal, suddenly … cannibalistic. A meta-human with all the power of Superman, but none of his humanity. An unstoppable creature ruled only by hunger and instinct that strikes randomly all over the world. To stop this threat, Harley Quinn, Peacemaker, Captain Boomerang and King Shark have been assigned to capture, nanny and, if necessary, execute five deadly new recruits: the consumables of a secret government procedure called BLAZE. They are ordinary prisoners, endowed with an incredible force … in the knowledge that it will burn through them like a steppe fire. They have a maximum of six months left. If you’re staring down at life in prison, it might be a bargain – especially if you’re Michael Van Zandt, desperate to be reunited with the mad lover who left you after your Bonnie-and-Clyde crime story.
  • But that power? It is surprisingly transferable. As each member of the team dies … the others become stronger. What would a hardened criminal do with that knowledge? Even worse: What would a desperate, love-sick idiot do with it? One thing is for sure: This time, the suicide group has bitten off more than it can chew. Win or lose – they all burn. Simon Spurrier and Aaron Campbell, the creative team behind the critically acclaimed John Constantine: Hellblazer, have been unleashed on the one DC title that is even more awful and black-hearted than that! We suggest you get ready …

“Instead of being the ones putting their necks at stake,” Spurrier said, “[the Squad are] plays a role as a mentor to a group of new characters who are really completely useless. “Spurrier added that these superpowers would expire after six months, and the book’s hook revolved around what kind of people could have signed up to undergo such a radical – and temporary – transformation.

“If you could give any superpowers in the knowledge that it would kill them, what kind of people would then volunteer for it?” Spurrier asked. “There will obviously be the people who do it because they have nothing to live for, the people who do it because they want to go out into a flame of glory. There is no great mystery in that this is called Suicide Squad: Blaze for this reason.”

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Campbell said he greatly enjoyed illustrating both the new and old characters in the series – especially King Shark, who he described as a “great sob of a man …[with] a little shark head on him, “and the rising DC star Peacemaker, whom he equated with a member of the IRA.

Opposite this eclectic collection of anti-heroes stands an antagonist, which Spurrier described as “so beyond everything you’ve seen before and yet at the same time, so terribly ordinary,” as well as an overall plot inspired by a myriad of horror influences. These include Grant Morrison and Dave McKean’s 1989 graphic novel Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, the psychological horror film from 1990 Jacob’s ladder and the photographs of Joel-Peter Witkin, whose work prominently shows death, disfigurement, and corpses.

Suicide Squad: Blaze will run for three tracks. Number 1 goes on sale February 8 from DC.

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Source: Den or Geek

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