Deadpool battles Marvel’s version of Kool-Aid Man (literally)

In Marvel Comics’ Deadpool: Black, White & Blood, Wade Wilson comes face to face with a monstrous dinosaur version of Kool-Aid Man.

Warning! Spoilers ahead too Deadpool: Black, White & Blood # 4

In Marvel’s unique Deadpool: Black, white and blood anthology series, one of its latest short stories, sees Wade Wilson fight against Marvel’s monstrous version of Kool-Aid Man. After being hired by AIM to take on one of their darkest and most twisted creations competing with MODOK itself, this particular black-and-white story actually has the color red as well. But rather than the source being blood, as the series’ title suggests, the carmine red in this story comes largely from eerie cherry flavors.

Deadpool: Black, White & Blood # 4 contains the story “Cherry,” which comes from author Christopher Yost and artist Martin Coccolo. In it, Wade has chosen to wear his old black-and-white X-Force uniform, knowing what type of monochrome story he is part of. . Deadpool after injecting him $ 100 million to kill a monstrous creation made by one of their instructors who had had an unlimited budget, no supervision and no prior psychological evaluation.


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After being kept in the dark until the creature was right on top of him, Deadpool could only guess what it was he was going to fight. Judging by the massive holes in the wall, it was a kind of enemy with enormous strength. Sure enough, Wade soon came face to face with a live version of Devil Drink Dino as it crashed through a nearby wall, revealing Marvel’s Universe version of Kool-Aid Man (mixed with Devil Dinosaur).


What follows is, of course, a fun fight, though it’s a fight that even Deadpool thinks is too much, as he wants this chapter of his life to be left out if anyone ever writes a book about him. . Also, it gets even more messy when the Devil Drink Dino mascot starts talking. As it reveals to Wade and the few surviving AIM agents, now that it has quenched its thirst for violence on the island, it can now spread peace and inspiration to the entire world. Deadpool, however, had already thrown his belt of armed explosives into its pitcher of a corpse, destroying the Kool-Aid Man replacement in an explosion of cherry-flavored sugar water.

The fact that this villain is too crazy, even by Deadpool’s standards, speaks volumes. Devil Drink Dino is such a quirky character that Deadpool himself wants the meeting deleted from his story completely. Thanks to this story from Yost and Coccolo, it seems like there are still some things in the Marvel universe that may surprise Deadpool, which is quite refreshing. Apparently, a version of Kool-Aid Man that comes to life is one of those that is apparently too ridiculous for Merc with a Mouth who sees the Devil’s Drink Dino come to life as a step too far.

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