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Deathloop: Why is it more fun to play as Julianna

Deathloop has two characters to play as: Julianna or Colt. Although both characters are powerful, Julianna provides a unique, more carefree experience.

Deathloop has two playable characters (Julianna and Colt), but playing as Julianna is far more entertaining and entertaining than playing as Colt. At the start of the game, players can choose to “Break The Loop” or “Protect The Loop”, which allows them to choose Colt or Julianna respectively. To unlock Julianna, players must complete Deathloop’s tutorial. By selecting Julianna, players can invade Colt penetrations and chase them, effectively defending Blackreefs Loop.

Deathloop is a first-person shooter designed by Arkane Lyon, Dishonored’s developers focusing on two assassins caught in a time loop on Blackreef. The inhabitants of Blackreef suffer from memory loss caused by Deathloop’s hour loop where only Julianna and Colt preserve their memories. Colt will try to kill eight visionaries before midnight to break the loop while Julianna tries to chase him. Stealth, parkour and crafting systems will be the players’ paths to victory, enabling many play styles to solve puzzles and win matches. However, players will find that Julianna’s gameplay is much less stressful than the Colts.

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Juliana’s invasiveness is Deathloop’s multiplayer initiator that allows players to participate in each other’s games and participate in PvP activities. Although Julianna only has one life, there is virtually no consequence of being defeated by Colt. Without pressure to reset the time loop, players can embrace Deathloop’s gameplay mechanics with less effort. Unfortunately, there is no skill-based matchmaking, which means Julianna players can meet everything from a new player to a dozen veterans. Deathloop’s Julianna also entertains players with sassy quips, which can be far more entertaining than the Colts constant confusion.

Deathloop’s Julianna encourages players to use new strategies

Deathloop Invasions Julianna Shake Up Gameplay Better

Deathloop permeates Julianna and Colt with unique abilities, also called records, that encourage different play styles depending on the character. Colts Reprise ability gives him three lives, and he can also use the records of other visionaries. Extended time in the loop allows Colts players to build up arsenals before Julianna arrives. Julianna players, however, can use stealth and deception to great lengths. Disguising Julianna as an NPC and using long-range rifles to eliminate Colt from a distance are just a few of her many skills. While the Colts’ style of play encourages perfection to complete its goals, Julianna can move more freely around the world.

Many games are launched with errors and unbalanced mechanics, and Deathloop is no different. An error in Deathloop allows Julianna to catch Colt in her safe areas without an escape route. In addition, there are few restrictions on Julianna’s spawning, which means Colt can be caught off guard and have an entire race ruined by miserable timing. There’s also a bug where Colts players will receive a “Julianna is Gone” message, with Julianna still lingering in the world. Arkane Lyon are likely to patch up these bugs soon, but their existence makes the game as Colt far more frustrating than Julianna’s gameplay.

Fortunately, the world of Deathloop is a pleasant recall to Arkane Lyons other games, Shamed and Exchange. Stealth, parkour, and assassination mechanics work wonderfully in Blackref’s distorted reality. The personalities of both Julianna and Colt keep players company as they travel through the game’s colorful world. Each character has something unique to bring to the table, but several carefree players may want to focus on playing as Julianna in Deathloop for now.

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