Deku enters My Hero Academy’s last war with a major drawback

In Chapter 339 of My Hero Academia, Deku will not be protected by Mei Hatsume’s inventions, but this could make him more like All Might.

Warning! Spoilers ahead too My Hero Academia Chapter 339!

As the cast of My Hero Academia on their way to their final confrontation with All For One, Deku will not fight at full capacity, and that’s all thanks to Mei Hatsume – and to a lesser extent Principal Nezu.

Deku and Tenya Ida recently visited UA Highs master gadget maker Mei Hatsume to repair their hero costumes. They both, not an enemy, damaged each other’s suites as Tenya and his classmates had no choice but to use force against Deku when he decided to face All For One alone. Correcting them was a high priority as the two heroes during training have just received a new mission, which is currently not revealed to the reader, which somehow involves exploiting the traitor Yuga Aoyama to their advantage. But in Chapter 339, Mei initially refuses to correct them, but eventually gives some cheap knockoffs, which she made with her non-dominant hand while talking to them.


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Unfortunately for Deku and Ida, Mei has more urgent matters than their costumes. Many chapters ago, Rector Nezu for Class 1-A revealed all the upgrades that UA High received to protect everyone who lived there. Power Loader was awarded the project because he recently recruited Mei to help improve Nezu’s evac light blocks. Based on the layout design that Mei shows Deku and Ida, the project basically involves installing some sort of propulsion unit for certain sections of UA High that have been separated into blocks. The propulsion system is designed to move these blocks to safety during an evacuation.

In fact, Mei had already completed the project, but is constantly looking for ways to improve her designs. Setting aside time to repair Deku and Tenya’s costumes can have a negative impact on the evac ly blocks, which essentially make UA High a robot. However, she does not just let Deku and Tenya hang. While explaining her mindset to them, she builds knock-off designs. In addition to proving her dedication and skill, her failure to help Deku will force him to become more like All Might. What needed to be repaired were parts she originally made to help Deku deal with the setback he gets when he summons One For All. Specifically, her iron soles and air force gloves protected his feet and hands.

Before Mei made his soles and gloves, Deku could not let go of One For All without hurting himself. To deal with the strangeness of his hands, he got used to limiting cracks to each finger, which he achieved by flicking. The finger he used to flick automatically sustained a massive injury. Although he would lose the use of a finger, focusing on the force allowed him to drop One For All 10 times instead of just two if he used his entire hand. Mei’s gloves allowed him to use One For All without breaking his fingers.

Meanwhile, All Might never needed a special costume to use One For All without harming itself. As the heir to One For All, Deku was destined to become the next All Might, but the fact that he could not even achieve what All Might could do obviously put him at a disadvantage. Fortunately, Deku was born quirkless because it naturally made him better suited to perform all the quirks of One For All’s predecessors. All Might was also born without traits, but One For All’s power had not developed enough for him to exercise these extra peculiarities at that time. So even though Deku has fewer protections, this will force him to learn how to reduce the damage he inflicts by exercising the peculiarity, making him even more like All Might before his retirement in My Hero Academia. But because he can now exert more quirks than All Might could, Deku’s lack of protection will push him even further ahead of his teacher and hero.

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