Destiny 2’s new Witch Queen trailer pulls in parallel with the famous Thor scene from the MCU

Destiny 2’s new trailer for The Witch Queen expansion shows a scene resembling a famous one from Thor: Ragnarok, as well as an old Destiny trailer.

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It is now officially less than six weeks before the launch of Fate 2‘s next major expansion, The Witch Queen. The new campaign will allow the Guardians to set foot back on Mars, explore Savathun’s Throne World and dive deeper into the mystery of how the Hive god got the light for himself and his Lucent Brood, all filled with Fate 2‘s typical gameplay full of action and gunplay. The Witch Queen is an ambitious release from Bungies, as it also comes with the Void 3.0 update, a new Raid, the weapon manufacturing system and lots of other features.


The new Fate 2 The Witch Queen trailer highlights Savathun’s Throne World and the enemies inside even further, with what appears to be a new creature in Throne World’s structures. An important detail comes from the presence of Scorn enemies in Savathun’s kingdom, as the Hive god himself reveals that her throne world is indistinguishable from her mind, but the mocks are part of Xivu Arath’s army. As such, it’s very likely that Xivu Arath’s forces are also at play in this strange place, and players will have to defeat them as shown in the trailer.

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During the new trailer for The Witch Queen, a Titan is shown using the Thundercrash Super to fly into a bunch of Scorn enemies on a rather small bridge. A Reddit user named VGLEAKER shared a still image of the new trailer’s shot and drew a parallel to a famous Thor: Ragnarök scene where the thunder god descends on dozens of enemies with lightning in the back, only to continue to annihilate all his opponents with the sheer power of the storm.

Regardless of how the parallel to the MCU fits, another Redditor pointed out that the whole thing is a continuous tribute to the other Fate trailer where three Guardians go up against Hive on the Moon and a Titan hits their Fists of Havoc into the horde. Funnily enough, the same music is from Fate trailer is also used in the aforementioned Thor: Ragnarök scene, making the whole thing even more perfect. That Fate 2 trailer is more gloomy in tone, and Immigrant Parish from Led Zeppelin might have suited it poorly.

Fate 2 can have lots of epic moments like the ones shown in the trailers and the MCU movie, and society is constantly proving it with incredible feats. An example comes from that one Fate 2 player defeated all Raid bosses with seven Throwing Hammers in total and scored a new record.

Fate 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

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