Did a Marvel editor just reveal the secret new series?

An Marvel editor may have just accidentally revealed the title of an upcoming X-Men book – but what can the immortal X-Men be all about?

A Marvel editor may have accidentally revealed an upcoming one X men title that might suggest that fans are getting a new cartoon called Immortal X-Men. The X-Men books are going through a transition period right now. Back in 2019, superstar comic book writer Jonathan Hickman spearheaded a relaunch of the entire franchise that revolutionized the X-Men. He had originally intended to tell an ongoing story that would run for about five years, but plans change and Hickman retires from the X-Men line.

Hickmans Hell the series will be his last X-Men book in some time, and Marvel has started teasing what’s coming next; a period called “Destiny of X”, which is teased with a dialogue line from the mutant precog Destiny. “There is no ‘The’ future,“she remarks in the quote.”There is no fate.Little is known about the upcoming “Destiny of X” era, but Marvel has been clear that it involves a number of brand new comics.


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Talking to AiPT!, X-Office’s Lauren Amaro – one of the assistant editors on the X-Men line – summed up her current role. “I’m working on Inferno, which we just sent the last issue of in print last week,“she explained,”X-Men, Immortal X-Men, Sabretooth, Marauders, X-Men Unlimited and a few other cool projects are coming soon to a local comic book store near you.“The most interesting title on her list is, of course, Immortal X-Men a book that does not exist and has not been published.

X-Men 1 cover 2021

There is certainly a sense in which the adjective “Immortal” fits perfectly with the modern X-Men. The X-Men have conquered death by synergizing mutant forces and Cerebro technology, meaning the millions of dead mutants are gradually re-emerging. Death has always been something of a revolving door for the X-Men, but now mutants can come back from the dead moments after they were killed, meaning they are truly functionally immortal. Gerry Duggan’s current X men series – another title Amaro is working on – currently seems to tell the story of how humanity learns about X-Men’s Resurrection Protocols, and Immortal X-Men could easily spring from it. Alternatively, the coming “Destiny of X” era seems to involve some degree of knowledge about the future – or about the future rather – given the nature of Destiny’s cryptic commentary. This means that the X-Men books may well branch out to influence alternative future timelines, with familiar faces still alive millions of years from now.

Marvel has promised some big “Destiny of X” announcements in the next few weeks, so hopefully it won’t be long before more are revealed. The very fact that Amaro apparently slipped and mentioned Immortal X-Men suggests that it is quite imminent, perhaps more so than some of the other titles that the various editors were reluctant to announce. It will be exciting to find out what Immortal X-Men really is about.

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