Did Ellie and Victor go up with it?

90-Day Fiancé Update: Did Ellie and Victor finally go up?

90 days fiancé: The other way‘s Ellie Rose and Victor McLean is not exactly a fan favorite. And who could blame the fans as the couple have been fighting over it for weeks, with the latest episode culminating with Ellie in tears while Victor stormed off angrily.

It does not appear that the two are completely destined for the honeymoon life they had imagined.

While Ellie was not particularly active on social media in the past, she has an Instagram account that she has added more than ever before.

In fact, in October, she added old Halloween photos with various friends. But Victor was nowhere to be found. She recalled happy times with old friends and costumes from previous years. But there were no recent photos of her and Victor cultivating their Halloween best or anything like that.

In fact, the only mention of Providencia is a GoFundMe Ellie added a year after the hurricane to raise money for the people of the small island. But again, there was no mention of Victor anywhere on the updated post.

Recently, some clever Reddit practitioners saw Ellie working at her old pizza company in Seatle and took a picture.

[Spoiler] Spot in Seattle from 90days fiance uncensored

While pizza company Central Pizza Seattle’s Instagram has nothing new about Ellie posted on their social media, it certainly looks like she’s back in business.

Some rumors have been circulating that Ellie may have returned to Seattle, but with Victor, following rumors of a secret wedding.

But since U.S. borders are so tightly closed at the moment due to the pandemic, Victor’s ability to follow Ellie back to the United States, especially since they are not yet married, seems unlikely.

And if that was the case then why not any more photos of the two on Ellie’s Instagram? The couple’s co-stars in 90 Day: The Other Way Kenny Niedermeier and Armando Rubio recently put pictures together. Even the notoriously back and forth couple, Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas submitted evidence of their ongoing relationship. So there would be no reason why Ellie and Victor could not do the same.

Victor’s Instagram remains private and apparently unused as his number of followers is very small, only 259 followers. His profile picture is of him and his daughter.

But we have a feeling that even if the marriage rumors are somehow true, fans will still not be happy.

The couple’s story has not exactly been picture-perfect.

Ellie met Victor while she was on holiday in Providencia, where he worked at a local bar. He made her a Pina Colada that was apparently so good that it won her heart. She went back a few more times to visit him, and eventually the couple decided to make their arrangement permanent.

90 Day Fiance's Victor and Ellie reunite.

90 Day Fiance’s Victor and Ellie reunite. Credit: TLC

But just as the pandemic hit, it looked like Victor had other plans and moved in with a girlfriend while still talking to Ellie. The boyfriend contacted Ellie to tell her that she and Victor lived together and were planning to have a child together.

When Ellie found out, she broke things off with Victor, and the two did not talk for a while. But then Victor worked to win Ellie back, and eventually she fell. She revealed to her friends that she had sent Victor over $ 5000 to work on his home, with plans to move in and that the two would open a beach bar together.

That meant Ellie would sell her home, her business, and everything else she owned to go along with Victor. Needless to say, her friends were very worried.

But a few short days before she was to fly out, a hurricane hit Providencia and destroyed the home Ellie had just paid to repair. Victor was unable to be located for a few days when the hurricane took out power and cell phone towers on the island.

Ellie knocked out Providencia anyway. When she arrived, Victor was traumatized by his near-death experience, and while the two had a blissful reunion, it was short-lived. Victor expected Ellie to pay to rebuild the house a second time, and Ellie expected Victor to be grateful and happy. None of them got what they were hoping for as the two quarrels escalated and escalated.

As the two sat in a tent in the remains of their ruined home, Victor dreamed of continuing to build their beach bar, while Ellie pointed out that tourism was dead in Providencia. The two got into a heated argument, which ended with Ellie wishing she could just go home, and Victor stormed off angrily, which does not exactly bode well for the two to move on.

90 day fiancé Ellie and Victor are sitting in a tent.

90 Day Fiance’s Ellie and Victor in their home. Credit: TLC

But as we have seen with the 90 Day Fiance pairs, a few short episodes can change everything. But judging by Ellie’s recent observation in Seattle and the lack of pictures together on their social media, it seems that the marriage rumors may be just that, rumors.

Photo credit: TLC

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