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Do not be fooled by “Fake Drake” who terrorizes nightclubs


We have some urgent news, so if you are standing while reading this, please take a seat. There’s a “Fake Drake” that terrorizes nightclubs around these United States, charging promoters as much as $ 5,000 per night. pop for an uncertified lover boy. They even cover travel and accommodation for the Drake impersonator.

Several social media reports have seen the double hang out in Miami. Tory Lanez, the rapper who Megan Thee Stallion says shot her in the foot, said he saw Fake Drake around in Miami clubs. The imitator was then seen by fans on the upper level of a nightclub as they stared down at the dance floor as Phantom of the Opera or something.

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Even more disturbing: Drake knows about this.

In an interview with No jumper, the fake Drake, whose real name is Izzy (as in Izzy Drake or “is he Drake” – this conspiracy goes all the way to the top), said that real Drake supports his efforts. At least according to Fake Drake, a Vegas promoter reached out to the real Drake about booking the imitator. “Let this guy get his bag,” Drake said reportedly.

To be honest, the guy does not look so much like Drake, except of course his impeccably well-groomed eyebrows, facial hair and hairline – complete with a sweet little heart. Nevertheless, Fake Drake said that people reach out to him when the real thing is not available.

“People DM’s me like ‘Do you want to come to my event? We can not pay Drake because he’s too expensive,” Izzy said. “I’ve done mine, you know. That’s all I want to say. “

Is this a fake Andrew WK situation where the imitator will eventually overtake the real thing and spawn several conspiracy theories in the early 00s? We just have to wait and see how it all shakes out, but all the signs point to that yes, absolutely.

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