Doctor Who Flux: UNIT Return was scheduled for 2018

Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall reveals that UNIT’s return in Doctor Who: Flux was planned during the production of season 11 of 2018.

Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall reveals that UNIT is returning Doctor Who: Flux was scheduled during the production of season 11 of 2018. The iconic organization returned under Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) in episode 5 of season 13, “Survivors of the Flux.” UNIT made their debut in the 1968 Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) story, “The Invasion”, where they faced the Cybermen in London.

In “Survivors of the Flux”, viewers get a glimpse of UNIT’s origins and development over the years, with nods to Alistair Lethbridge Stewart (Nicholas Courtney) and First Doctor (William Hartnell) adventure, “The War Machines”. However, it is also revealed that UNIT had been infiltrated by The Grand Serpent (Craig Parkinson), who eliminates key executives in the organization until 2017, when Kate Stewart realizes her plan as he settles UNIT operations. After Kate narrowly escapes an assassination attempt in her home, she goes underground. Kate Stewart’s return was revealed in a teaser after “Village of the Angels, and now the current showrunner, Chibnall, has revealed that the organization’s return was planned since his first full season.


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In a video uploaded to the official Doctor Who The YouTube channel, Chibnall, and the cast discussed UNIT’s long-awaited return in the latest episode. Chibnall revealed that UNIT’s return was planned during season 11’s production, where the organization was revealed to have been disbanded in the 2019 New Year’s special, “Resolution”. Chibnall revealed that the election was deliberate to create a sense of what the world would be like without the defense organization and how things could be more vulnerable without them. Check out Chibnall’s full quote below:

“I was really looking forward to bringing UNIT back, and we’ve been planning this for a while, because you know the worst thing that can happen to it is. It’s been threatened, and it obviously did. was. closed down in ‘Resolution’. It was very deliberate so we could bring it back later and it would feel like ‘what happened to UNIT? And is the world safe without UNIT?’. “

UNIT was revealed to have been disbanded in “Resolution”, where the thirteenth doctor (Jodie Whittaker) tried to summon the organization for help in apprehending the Dalek scout-controlled archaeologist, Lin (Charlotte Ritchie). The doctor is instead redirected to an outsourced call center, which reveals that the organization’s operations were suspended due to diplomatic arguments over funding, with 2020’s “Spyfall Part 1” further confirming that UNIT no longer existed at the time. Despite this, UNIT and associated characters have been on the page, where the organization and Redgrave have been featured in the media around the immersive theater event “Doctor Who: Time Fracture”, and former UNIT scientist, Osgood (Ingrid Oliver), has a key role in the video game, Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins.

UNIT’s dissolution was seen as a controversial point among some fans in “Resolution” While the organization’s absence helped increase the threat from subsequent stories, many fans saw it as an unnecessary removal of a classic element of the myth, even during early episodes of the revived series like season 1s “Aliens of London / World War III”. UNIT and Kate Stewart’s return in the darkest hours of humanity in Doctor Who: Flux is very welcome by the whole fandom.

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