Dutch Mantell is a fan of Roman Reigns, who takes Xavier Woods’ crown (exclusive)

Roman Reigns took Xavier Woods’ King of the Ring crown to end the latest SmackDown episode, and Dutchman Mantell revealed he was a fan of the angle.

Speaking at Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Smack Talk, the former WWE manager predicted that Roman would be disguised in King’s attire for next week’s show and expected the Universal Champion to be driven out into the ring.

Mantell thought the crown fit perfectly with Roman Reigns’ acting on screen, and he had high hopes for the ongoing story with Xavier Woods:

“I like that Reigns took the crown. Now you can see Reigns come out and I predict he’s going to dress like a king next week. I think he’s getting the big roll and all. They can even put him on the deal and cart him to the ring.But I think even though they did with Corbin and Nakamura, the crown also looked good on him, and The Bloodline and all that.I think it fits him. As long as he has the crown, in Xavier he has an opponent. “

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Dutch Mantell on WWE’s booking of Roman Reigns and Xavier Woods

Roman Reigns must fight the Big E in a champion against champion match at The Survivor series, and Xavier Woods’ feud is brilliantly related to the overall narrative.

Dutch Mantell, however, stressed the importance of getting the story going, as Roman does not have a large pool of opponents at SmackDown. While McIntyre is a rumored future title challenger, Mantell felt WWE could be patient with his story with Woods and Reigns:

“If they push him [Drew McIntyre] too soon too soon, they will be in the same place they were at two weeks ago. They had no opponents except McIntyre, and Brock took off. He went on vacation or wherever he went. They really need to set the pace in this. This is where good booking comes in. ”

While the former WWE personality appreciated Reigns ‘crown segment with the New Day member, he was not happy with The Tribal Chiefs’ entry from the recent SmackDown. Here’s what he had to say.

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