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at Rick Riordan Percy jackson the series is on its way to Disney +, after two semi-successful films have previously been released. While fans are expecting the upcoming show, there are plenty of amazing books to go back and read from throughout the series. The introductory Percy jackson run was the focus of some Goodreads reviews.

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While there are other spin-offs since, from Heroes of Olympus to sleigh Chronicle, initials Percy jackson books really started it all. These are therefore ranked according to the reviews on Goodreads, where the assessments take into account the quality of the narrative and the authorship, the characters involved, memorable moments and the significance of the play for the wider fictional universe.

9 The Demigod Files – 4.04

The Demi God Files book cover

Rick Riordan has created a vast universe for these characters to explore and Files of the demigods aims to expand it even more with unique details about the characters, surroundings, monsters, and indeed deities that Percy and his friends encounter throughout the books.

The piece is meant to be a stand-alone that acts as a fact file for these various elements. Although there are a few short stories that round out Percy’s fairy tales further, this is certainly a better companion book than it is an independent narrative and should be read along with other publications.

8 Percy Jackson And The Singer Of Apollo – 4.06

Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo book cover

Rick Riordan continues to create minor stories based on Percy Jackon and Greek mythology, which may not serve as narrative beats in his more traditional releases. The singer of Apollo was therefore a short story, which the author published, with a much smaller fairy tale.

The book sees Grover celebrate his birthday before the god Apollo shows up and asks Percy to do something for him. The stakes are far less than the end of the world, which destruction fans may be used to, but it’s perfect for those who want to inhabit this world a little longer.


7 The Sea Of Monsters – 4.24

The sea of ​​monsters bogomslag

The Monster Sea could have been one of the few books that actually made its film debut, but this Percy Jackson adventure is far more complex than the one that was eventually put on screen. The novel is in a way a road trip where the team of Demons and Percy’s Cyclops brother travels to find the Golden Skin.

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The book is a perfect sequel to The lightning thief but also teases the much bigger stories that await. With a killer cliffhanger and lots of huge action beats thanks to the Monster Sea itself, the book ultimately stands out thanks to the characters’ dynamics as they get to know each other better.

6 The Lightning Thief – 4.27

Lightning Thief book cover

The lightning thief must achieve a great deal by setting up an entire series that has evolved into the literary juggernaut as it is today. Rick Riordan made an expert story here that introduces both Percy and his world and sets up some emotionally compelling efforts.

Camp Half-Blood is instantly iconic, and with Percy accused of stealing Zeus’ prized possession, the conflict is just about the perfect size for a debut piece. The characters pop up completely and this is still a modern classic that both children and adults can enjoy. It’s a great set-up for the future heights of the saga. The upcoming Disney + adaptation will hopefully learn a lot from Riordan’s book and a bit from the cinematic equivalent.

5 Percy Jackson And The Sword Of Hades – 4.29

Percy Jackson And The Sword Of Hades book cover

Rick Riordan never misses an opportunity to create a short story in this popular fictional children’s fantasy landscape and pair it with Terrible stories, the writer published Hades Sword. It serves as an excellent one-off tale that really shows a slightly different dynamic for Percy, Thalia and Nico.

As Persephone asks the trio to pick up the Hades sword and bring it back to the underworld, the mission is simple and plays on the traditions of the genre. Yet the story also functions as its own modern mythology, a short fable that feels akin to the legends inherited from the ancient Greeks.

4 Demigods and Magicians – 4.33

Demigods and magicians book covers

Demigods and magicians is actually a collection of several short stories that form together to create an impressive crossover adventure. The series itself was incredibly exciting for fans as it brought together both characters inside Percy jackson and that of Kane Chronicles.

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The Egyptian and Greek crossover saw a wide range of villains face these young heroes as their incredible powers and magic combined in a powerful display of strength. It is beautifully crafted and truly demonstrates the size of Riordan’s expansive fictional universe.

3 The Curse of the Titan – 4.34

Titan's Curse book cover

The third novel in the main series, The Curse of the Titan is really the book that sets the gear in motion, increases the effort further and prophesies what is about to unfold. The conflict that awaits is, in fact, only the beginning of a much bigger affair, an affair that puts all of Percy’s friends and family in danger.

With the demigods on a quest to track down the missing Artemis along with her hunters, the story of the Titans becomes quite relevant again as their plan of conquest expands significantly. This is by far Percy’s biggest challenge at that point in his life and is truly the moment he matures into the mighty hero he was always capable of being.

2 Battle of the Labyrinth – 4.39

The Battle Of The Labyrinth book cover

Battle of the Labyrinth continues to add suspense to the series and could perhaps be classified as Annabeth’s story. In the book, the group enters the famous maze to find the creator at the center of the maze. Along the way, they find trials and tribulations that test their friendships and emotional state.

Scary monsters are the least of Percy’s group’s concerns as they race against the clock to ensure the maze does not play its part in Titan’s plan for dominance. The introduction of the inventor, Daedalus, is really also a turning point for the technology of the series and a vital character to bring in at such a late time.

1 The Last Olympian – 4.51

The Last Olympian book cover

It seems fitting that the last book in a series is the one receiving the most criticism, and Rick Riordan expertly concludes this incredible journey with a piece that is emotionally satisfying and boasts the huge battles fans would expect from the last book .

The Titans have finally risen, and it’s up to Camp Half-Blood and their allies to hold back the rising tide of destruction. It is full of amazing cameos, huge surprises and an epilogue that somehow opens the landscape for future series in store such as. Heroes of Olympus.

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