Elle Fanning calls her and Nicholas Hoult ‘Mr. And Mrs. Smith ‘by’ The Great ‘

By Shakiel Mahjouri.

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Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult enjoy themselves, puns, on “The Great”.

Fanning and Hoult catch up Weekly entertainment for the release’s digital cover recording prior to the season two premiere. Hoult dishes on how his character’s less tasty traits come to the fore in the sophomore season.

“It was really fun for me in some of the scenes this year,” Hoult tells the publication. “Seeing the more toxic, ruthless, demanding and justified side of the character come to the fore. And Elle was so great at doing it in a really fun way.

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Nicolas Hoult and Elle Fanning
Nicolas Hoult and Elle Fanning. Photo: REN ADKINS FOR EW
– Photo: EW

“It was a pleasure to watch because, oddly enough, it felt like a reversal of some of the things we did in season 1 with how Peter would be towards Catherine.”

Fanning is a fan of the chemistry of their characters, for better or worse.

“I think you should send it,” admits Fanning, who plays Catherine the Great. “They’re a complicated bunch. For it is also the case that one does not always know whether they are going to murder each other. It’s like ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith in the 18th century. “

It really is a metamorphosis for Hoult’s character, Peter III of Russia.

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Nicolas Hoult and Elle Fanning.  Photo: REN ADKINS FOR EW
Nicolas Hoult and Elle Fanning. Photo: REN ADKINS FOR EW
– Photo: EW

“He shatters a lot of what made him the one we came to see in season 1,” teases Hoult. “He’s getting rid of [the throne], which he realizes he never really wanted anyway, and becomes much freer in himself – apparently still with his manic and strange qualities. “

‘Obviously he messes around a lot and does terrible things. The funny thing about the character is that even though his observations and his considerations and everything are ridiculous and awful at times, they are very honest and truthful, ”he adds. “You always know where you stand with him.”

Season two of “The Great” premieres Nov. 19 on Hulu.


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