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‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 Outfits: Buy her style here

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Ladies and gentlemen, I am simply not prepared for outfits in Emily and Paris season 2. Right now I’m recovering from Emily Cooper’s countless season 1 fashion -faux passes – what did I do to deserve another whole season of weird styling and pieces that no one with a basic marketing job could afford ?! I’m a good person and I simply do not need this extra stress right now.

That said, it looks like there is some good pieces in the mix now that Emily all resides in Savoir. Hi, maybe the fashion icon in the new Camille is smiling at her! As long as Emily deals with her and not her other BFF Mindy — who is as sartorically challenged as our protagonist — we should be ready for a few good ensembles mixed with, well, what you will now call the rest.

Of course I’m most funny. I hate Emily’s wardrobe, but I understand that costume designer Patricia Field uses it to express the character in a pretty ingenious way. Plus, but I absolutely love the show itself. It’s the ultimate guilty pleasure HIBLI (Hate It But Love It, invented by Alyssa Amoroso of Barstools Tea with pubisssity).

STYLECASTER |  Emily in Paris Season 2 Outfits

Carole Bethuel / Netflix.

That said, this time around I can’t help but notice an accessory on promo photos that I actually am completely loving. To compliment a lavish gold bar and the most beautiful yellow Prada Cleo bag I have ever seen, Emily wears some yellow fingerless gloves that are (yes, you can fight me) undeniably chic.

Something about a leather glove just screams class to me. Like me just know Camille gifted these to Emily for her birthday or Christmas.

STYLECASTER |  Emily in Paris Season 2 Outfits

Stéphanie Branchu / Netflix.

Luckily for the rest of us, we can snag them for ourselves before the cold weather hits, thanks to the new luxury glove brand Seymoure. Emily wears the Fingerless Driver glove, affectionately called The Emily Glove in the same yellow hue.

For $ 298, they are hardly stealing, but they guarantee an elevated touch on almost any ensemble.

STYLECASTER |  Emily in Paris Season 2 Outfits

Greetings from Seymoure.

If you are looking for a more practical pair, Seymoure has a wide selection of leather gloves with intact fingertips plus a pair of wool options for a slightly lower price point. If you have not already invested in a good pair for the winter, consider this as a sign that you simply need it. Nothing takes a look from “hectic New Yorker” to “casual Parisian flâneur” faster than a leather glove to complete your everyday ensemble.

TBH, I have loved this look ever since the inauguration day back in January. Do you remember how smart the Biden girls looked in their color-coordinated winter coats and gloves? Shout to Patricia Field to meet the gold bar with something so elegant! Emily really needed this victory.

STYLECASTER |  Emily in Paris Season 2 Outfits

AP Photo / Andrew Harnik.

Below you can see a pair of more pleasing Seymoure gloves that are available now at Nordstrom. Then book your flight to Paris. Or stay home and see again Emily and Paris season 1. No verdict.

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STYLECASTER |  Emily in Paris Season 2 Outfits

Greetings from Seymoure.

Fingerless washable leather gloves

Another fingerless style, these babies come in black, camel and my personal favorite, strong white.

STYLECASTER |  Emily in Paris Season 2 Outfits

Greetings from Seymoure.

Washable leather gloves

If you like a full-finger fit, consider these classic gloves in the same black, camel and white colorways.

STYLECASTER |  Emily in Paris Season 2 Outfits

Greetings from Seymoure.

Knitted wool gloves in black

These timeless black gloves are touch sensitive so you do not lose access to endless TikTok scrolling.

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