Eternals proves how easily Marvel can add X-Men to the MCU

Eternals introduced several new characters and a new superhero team to the MCU with relative ease, showing how Marvel can do the same with the X-Men.

Marvel Studios must bring X men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon, and Eternal shows how easy it can be done. The introduction of mutants into MCU has been at the forefront of the audience’s minds since Disney officially bought 20th Century Fox, which returned the X-Men and Fantastic Four rights to Marvel Studios. While the plans for the first MCU Fantastic four movies are underway, it is not yet clear when mutants will become part of the common universe, or how their introduction will be explained.

Without concrete details on what Marvel’s X-Men plans are, there have been countless theories as to how the mutants may appear. One of the most popular predictions is that the Phase 4 multiverse storytelling will lead to the X-Men coming to MCU from a different timeline. This would give the MCU a shortcut to an established X-Men team, but deprive them of their knowledge of the MCU’s events. Another popular theory was that Scarlet Witch would create MCU mutants in WandaVision, but it did not happen. Many, however, want to see Marvel take a simple but complicated path by revealing that the X-Men have always been on Earth, but audiences have just not seen them yet.


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The idea that the X-Men and the mutants are always part of the MCU may seem absurd to some, but Eternal proved how easy this concept is to implement. ChloĆ© Zhao’s Phase 4 film revealed that nearly a dozen Eternals have lived on Earth for 7,000 years and helped humanity in various ways. Although this raised some questions about where they have been all along, Eternal explained away this by doing so so that they could only interfere in Deviant-related issues. Although there are other issues with Eternals’ past, they mostly stem from their origins and new MCU background history. But the success of incorporating Eternals into MCU’s past shows that Marvel can also easily make X-Men a part of MCU’s history and future.


Marvel Studios may have secretly used Eternal as a litmus test for whether the audience would accept this type of story and whether the studio could handle it. Taking a similar approach with X-Men now seems plausible. It would require a similar narrative structure to Eternal most likely and will be a bit more complicated as there should be hundreds, if not thousands, of mutants on Earth. The larger scale and cast is something the MCU has proven it can handle many times before, however Eternal is the first project to show how easily Marvel can change the past of the shared universe and put great ideas and teams into it. Eternal may even have teased the MCU’s X-Men and the origins of mutants.

There are lots of different explanations that can explain how mutants have been a part of this fictional story for hundreds of years. Depending on how many mutants the MCU wishes to insert retroactively, the number of mutants being limited to the size of Eternal‘cast could work. These characters could be shared between Professor X and Magneto’s management, making their feuds with each other independent enough not to attract attention. Other mutants that are not in line with any of the fractions may still exist in the MCU as they may not know what they are. There are also explanations like all mutants living on Krakoa that they have already gone out of the world or that they refrained from getting involved in major MCU events for other reasons.

Though Eternal serves as an example of how MCU can easily put X-Men in its past, it also shows how it can be better to build mutants individually and at a slower pace. Solo films or Disney + shows for the bigger X-Men like Wolverine, Jean Gray or Storm could be good building blocks to get to the first MCU X men movie. This could also help Marvel establish its first mutant villain, whether it’s Magneto, Mr. Sinister or someone else. In all circumstances, Eternal shows that Marvel could take a similar approach X men‘s MCU introduction if the studio so desires.

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