Euphoria: Rues 15 most iconic quotes

Content Warning: This list includes mentions of mental illness, domestic violence, and suicide.

HBO teen drama Euphoria created waves in the media after its release. The show follows some teens as they navigate high school life in the suburbs. Rue is the central character and narrator, played by the beloved and extremely talented Zendaya, who brings his sardonic wit and dry humor to the character.

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Both critics and viewers found Zendaya’s performance exemplary as she brought the struggling teenager to life. Much of what Rue said during the series’ first season has already become iconic in the history of teenage TV shows.


Updated January 6, 2022 by Kevin Pantoja: After nearly two years, Euphoria is finally on the verge of returning to its long-awaited season 2. In the time since season 1 aired, Zendaya has won the best female Emmy for her performance and shone again in a special episode that premiered last 2020. With season 2 on the horizon, it’s as good a time as ever to look back at Rue’s history so far and find the lines that really define who she is as a person, and which are also among the most memorable there are ever. pronounced in the program.

The story of her birth

“I fought well, but I lost. For the first time, but not the last.”

Throughout the show, through voiceover, Rue talks about his thoughts and feelings. In the very first episode, viewers get a glimpse of this as she talks about getting out of her mother’s womb.

From the very beginning, viewers understand the headspace that Rue is in. They get an idea of ​​what kind of person she is and what things await her. As soon as she is born, she feels that she has already taken a loss.

A lost girl

“I just showed up one day without a map or a compass.”

Rue is on medication from when she was really young and she is someone who feels very lost in the world. She does not understand what she has to say or what to do, and struggles with the smallest things.

This line captures quite exactly what she feels like. It’s as if she was thrown into the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim. It’s as if she did not get the directions that everyone around seems to have received, which helps the audience feel sympathy for Rue.

She knows her limits

“I mean, I’m fine with drugs until guns start coming.”

Zendeya and Euphoria

Drugs are everywhere Euphoria. The show tries to reflect the harsh reality where it is not very difficult to acquire drugs. But the moment Rue says this, Rue and the viewers are forced to confront reality about what it actually means to be in the drug industry.

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Her dealer Fez is shown as a sweet person who seems to be in it to take care of her family. The show does not make him a villain, but it is shown that Fez buys from a major drug dealer, about whom the same can not be said. Rue is in serious danger during this scene and you can understand that she has her limits. Weapons take things too far.

Jules is her person

“And you know, you just can not be mad at me because I want you to be okay.”

Euphoria Jules and Rue stand leaning against each other

Rue is very vulnerable around Jules and she is extremely worried about Jules when she hears her evening plan. But Rue takes the brave step here by not just overthrowing herself, but instead telling Jules why she’s worried.

It is a very sensitive moment that has relevance given that Rue now understands what it is like to be in the shoes of the people who care about her. She is now in the same position and that shows how important Jules is to Rue.

The emotional breakdown

“If you gave AS ** t about me, you would not have sold me F-ing drugs in the first place!”

This is a very difficult scene where Rue screams, cries and knocks on Fez’s door and asks him to sell to her. Fez knows about Rue, how addicted she is, how she’s trying to get better, and therefore he refuses to sell to her as she comes in as manic as she does.

Rue shouts some harsh and bitter truths about the situation and about Fez. And although they are reconciled later, what Rue shouts in anger is actually something to reflect on. The audience really feels for this because Fez is such a sympathetic character.

Rue On Jules

“She hated her life. Not because it was bad, but because when you hate your brain and your body, it’s hard to enjoy the rest.”

Each episode focuses on a different character and they are introduced through Rue’s voiceover. Here she talks about Jule’s childhood and her experiences. Jules started switching when she was 13 and until then she had a very hard time enjoying her life.

She did not feel like herself in the body she was in, and was therefore unable to generally find too much joy outside of it. Rue does not shout his words and say things straight. Even her narrative has this straightforward quality that describes the harsh realities of Jules’ tragic background story.

The always cynical Rue

“You realize they’re all just confused and lost. They just have a reason to mask it.”

Rue in Euphoria at the fair

As much as Rue thinks otherwise, she’s still a teenager. And as much as she thinks and claims to be self-conscious, Ali calls her very lightly on it. In this interaction, viewers see how differently the teenager and the adult see the situation.

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Rue does not like the fact that people feel sorry for her when she says that she is not very passionate about anything. She thinks everyone feels that way and just pretends to be different. Her cynicism is evident in these lines.

Her everyday struggle

“Every time I feel good, I think it will last forever … but it does not.”

Rue and Jules

For Rue herself felt to remain sober as a drug, and she had in a way replaced drugs with a person. She needed Jules, and when she was not around, she felt withdrawal from her very seriously. She was overjoyed when she was with Jules and thought the euphoria would last.

Even though Ali had told her that nothing in high school lasts forever, she was still in denial about it. And then when she realizes that things are not going well, she also has to face extreme lows.

Her heartbreaking concern

“You know when you’re with someone and things just are not right, but you’re afraid to ask because the answer may be worse than feeling right now?”

Jules and Rue talk in bed in Euphoria

Rue is above all a scared teenager who is in love. Here she tackles how the easier way to handle things sometimes is to be in denial. She’s afraid that things have changed with Jules as she can feel it, but she’s afraid to ask Jules because she knows that asking about it makes it real.

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She is afraid of the answer because she knows it is possible that things could get even worse than she imagines. This line quite well captures the confusing state of being a teenager and being in love.

An honest question

“Do you wish I was different?”

Rue might want to appear as someone who does not care about anything and she also has a good performance of the same. She does not want to be vulnerable and instead masks it with her sardonic wit and sarcasm.

But in the last section of Euphoria season 1 she can not help but ask Jules if the problem was with her. This question is remarkable because Rue exposes its uncertainty here. She does not try to hide it and lets Jules see the scared, insecure side of her, and it’s a gripping moment.

She’s better at it than Nate

“Will you ruin my life? IF I promise you I can do it much better than you can.”

The biggest antagonist on Euphoria is easy Nate Jacobs. He’s making life hell for Jules, is violent towards Maddy and is one of those spreading rumors about Cassie. As the finale rolled around, Rue understood everything between Jules and Nate.

She chose to confront Nate with it, but as always, Nate seemed untouched and threw some threats at her. Rue responded with this quote, suggesting that he could not hurt her because she is actually her own worst enemy. It’s a kind of bad line, but also deeply sad about Rue’s personality.

A shocking but harsh truth

“To tell you the truth, drugs are probably the only reason I did not kill myself.”

rue in a diner euphoria special

In the special episode around Rue, “Trouble Don’t Always Last,” she bared her soul. The whole episode is just that she has a heart-to-heart with Ali after a relapse, and during that time she throws this bomb off a line, suggesting she never expected to live that long.

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While everyone in the audience knew that Rue was a troubled girl who had bouts of depression, it was the first time that her thoughts on suicide were brought to the fore. The most confusing part of it all was that the only thing that kept her alive was drugs, one of the things that hurt her the most.

Unfortunately not how it happened

“Do you think because I went to rehab, I kept myself clean?”

Rue in a hoodie

As mentioned, Rue’s history with drugs is harsh. When the show begins, she returns to school from a stay in rehab after an overdose. When she returned, Rue immediately went out to see Fez and buy more drugs, which showed that nothing had really changed while she was in rehab.

As always, Fez was a good friend of Rue and questioned this when she had just returned. Rue answered with this question, showing that her time in rehab had not prevented her from using drugs. It’s not a popular line, but it’s another good look at Rue’s addiction.

Detective Bennett on the case

“I’m Morgan F *** ing Freeman, and this is the beginning of the third act.”

Lexi and Rue Euphoria

It can be argued that the best episode of Euphoria is “The trials and tribulations of trying to pee while you are depressed.” As the penultimate pass, things start to stick together ahead of the final, including Rue putting together the pieces of what happened between Jules and Nate.

In a fantastic fantasy sequence where she acts as a detective with her best friend Lexi, Rue seemed smart to fit everything in place about Nate and Jules. She provided this line as a way to compare herself to Morgan Freeman’s character in the 1995s Se7en.

How big is Jules?

“There is not a thing on planet Earth that can be compared to fentanyl. Except Jules. Jules is a close second.”

The majority of the show is centered around the relationship between Rue and Jules. As soon as Jules arrived in town, Rue was attracted to her and they immediately forged ties. It quickly became clear that Rue was putting too much pressure on Jules, as her sobriety often depended on Jules’ availability.

It’s hard to say exactly why, but this quote from Rue sheds light on it. Rue has always made it clear that she really loves taking drugs, and she was blown away by how fentanyl felt, but made sure to note that Jules is the only thing in the whole world that makes her feel anything close on it.

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