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Evanescence reveals ‘The Revolution Of Cassandra’ as the second book in the graphic anthology series

EVANESCENCE reveals 'The Revolution Of Cassandra' as the second book in the graphic anthology series

EVANESCENS and Fire has announced the second book in EVANESCENS‘s “Echo from the void” Graphic anthology series, “The Revolution of Cassandra”, now for sale through Fire‘s OPUS imprints of music-driven books. Written by film director Eric D. Howell, the second book in EVANESCENS‘s fantasy series connects Howell’s original story with the story behind EVANESCENShis hitsingle “Use my voice” from their album from 2021 “The Bitter Truth”. Howell directed the inspiring, pandemic music video, which has turned into millions of views and depicts a nation facing change. Now EVANESCENS singer Amy Lee and Howell have teamed up to invite readers into the world of “The Revolution of Cassandra”, an action adventure that speaks to the power of love and truth and to stand up for your convictions.

IN “The Revolution of Cassandra”, is a liberal, astrology-loving humanitarian trapped in the crossfire of a raging civil war and must save his sister from the firing force of a brutal dictator. She asks for help from an arms smuggler and inadvertently starts her own revolution. Cassandra stands up to be a light to a cynical, unforgivable and brutal world, and casts doubt on everything she believes in. Cassandra races through minefields, over the jungle canopy and goes head-to-head with an army, and Cassandra has the stars and the moon on her side – or so she thinks. The story is created by Howell, with cover art of Esau Escorza and Sebastian Cheng, and interior art by a rock star cast of graphic artists. After the second issue of “Echo from the void” debuts in time for the holidays, Howell will subsequently publish its complete graphic novel in 2022, with more details to follow.

Lee said: “A few years back, my friend and video instructor Erik Howell sent me a manuscript he was writing ‘The Revolution of Cassandra’. This time, instead of a movie, he wanted to turn it into a graphic novel. As I read it, I kept hearing this song I was working on, ‘Use my voice’, again and again in my head because it felt like the song and Cassandra lived in the same world. The power of love, truth and sisterhood that stands up to the broken machine. To cling to the belief that humanity is worth fighting for. Erik later instructed ‘Use my voice’ music video, which was truly an achievement to achieve during the height of the pandemic. Now it’s our turn to shine the light on ‘The Revolution of Cassandra’, the work of art that helped burn and inspire ‘Use my voice’. This book in our ‘Echoes From The Void’ the series will be completely dedicated to both projects that connect the song and the story in the same way Erik and I feel like they were meant to be. “

Howell added: “‘The Revolution of Cassandra’ is a story about a bad woman who stands up for her faith in a cynical and hostile world. As one of my early readers, I asked Amy to write the forward for the graphic novel, if she had any connection to it. She had a strong response to the material and immediately sent me the sketch of a song she had been working on. She really identified with a central idea in the story of ‘being for something, not against everything.’ The song and the story had this thematic echo, as if we were each grabbing the same muse at the same moment – honestly, it was a bit of magic. “

Llexi leon, CEO of Fire, said: “‘Use my voice’ is such a powerful anthem, and when Amy explained the connection to Eriks novel, I knew we should present it as part of the anthology. ‘The Revolution of Cassandra’ is a beautifully executed and compelling saga, I am delighted to have the opportunity to offer this exclusive prologue in print for the first time. “

“Echo from the void” is a fantasy graphic anthology series, consisting of 48-page deluxe comics, each edition with story adaptations from EVANESCENS music catalog. The short stories are created by an all-star cast of graphic artists, animators, illustrators, fine artists, screenwriters, novelists and more. Combines Leehis love of visual art, fantasy illustration and graphic novels with the narrative power EVANESCENSs songwriting, and the unique atmosphere of their music, the series is developed in close collaboration with Amy while co-editing the art and stories and monitoring creative direction throughout.

“Echo from the void” begins as a series of five tracks, presented in a variety of visual styles and media. The first song, inspired by the songs “Better without you” and “Spilled on you”, written by Carrie Lee South and Blake Northcott and illustrated by an incredible team of artists, sold out by its first edition, but a second print version is now available via Fire‘s website, along with exclusive physical items and digital collectibles inspired by the series.

The first printed edition of each issue will be published as a prestige-format limited edition cartoon, with cardboard covers, special foil treatments, blank pages and individual numbering. Each first print will be limited to 3,000 copies at a price of $ 18.95 and can be ordered from this location. The second issue can be ordered now and sent in December 2021.

The cover art from “Echo from the void” will also be made available for purchase through a series of art print archives, each an individually numbered collection of 500 parts.

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