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Every day, Biden smells more like a loser

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With a touch of confusion in his eyes and a tinge of failure in the air around him, Joe Biden sees his approval ratings continue to plummet to the point where just 42 percent of Americans approve of his job performance.

Which makes sense, since at least so far Biden really does not seem very good at it all to be president despite having dreamed about and prepared for it for decades. With his staff trying to hide him from the press, and his hang on says confusing things, Biden is not rhetorically equipped to speak out of this mess. He was elected in a simple way mandate to not be Trump, but after promising not to do the Trump thing, it has proved more difficult to do its own thing.

To some extent, he put himself in this corner. By governing when he campaigned (as a competent centrist), Biden might have locked a government majority of alienated center-right Americans together with its existing democratic coalition. Biden though selected to abandon efforts to transcend the current political paradigm, instead choosing to reassure its base. Talk about a tragic plot twist.

His awe for progressives was foreshadowed early: only when he the flip-flop on taxpayer financing of abortion during the campaign, and then with party-political review of his bill to alleviate COVID In february. But real problems came this summer when he prematurely declared “independence” of the virus (followed by mixed message over boosters), and His Afghanistan withdrawal went dangerously sideways. Then it became clear that it would result in more than just a temporary delay to allow the progressive to hold his two-part infrastructure bill hostage.

It can be argued that Biden’s decision to move to the left flank of the Democratic Party caused or exacerbated the various crises he now faces – right from border crisis (his “compassionate” politics and rhetoric served as a magnet) to violent crime (it’s hard to blame Biden for this, even if his party’s rhetoric “defund the police” did not help) inflation, which is now associated with COVID as America’s biggest concern (Biden ignored Larry Summers’ warnings about overheating the economy). The current stalemate over his legislative agenda is the clearest example of this respect for progressives. And since his stopped legislative agenda especially feels like a self-inflicted wound, it’s worth spending a little extra time here.

This one fundamental mistake shatters Biden’s presidency

Had Biden aggressively moved to adopt the bipartisan infrastructure proposal, he would probably have garnered dozens of Republican votes, and progressives would probably have either given in to his will or proved impotent. This is my counterfactual analysis, at least.

Instead, though Biden let progressive pressure him to (kind of) connects passage of the bipartisan bill with a $ 3.5 trillion reconciliation package for social welfare. By trying to get it all, there is now a chance he can not get both.

Why would an experienced former senator and vice president – who spent his career working across the aisle – make this mistake? Here is a hypothesis: Ideas have consequences. And the claim has taken root that Americans are so polarized and ideologically sorted that persuasion is a fool’s errand.

Since Bill Clinton, every U.S. president has essentially bought himself into this premise, despite the fact that everyone except Trump explicitly campaigned as game-changing uniters. Bush and Obama won re-election with this formula, which probably explains why it is not easily abandoned, even as America’s trajectory this time at least feels as if it is going downhill. Biden had a new opportunity to break the cycle, but he has instead followed in the footsteps of his predecessors.

In turn, his even more fundamental problem is lack of competence. We saw this in Afghanistan, where the dubious decision to withdraw all American troops were reinforced by the hamstring manner in which the withdrawal was carried out. And the same lack of competence is evident when it comes to Biden’s halted legislative agenda.

If Biden were to make the foolish decision to link the bipartisan infrastructure proposal with the reconciliation proposal, he could have first made sure he had all 50 Democratic senators on board.

It is no surprise that Manchin, who hails from West Virginia, would constitute a roadblock when it comes to passing the Democrats’ “green” agenda items, so discussions with him should have begun on day one. Instead, Biden and the Democrats tried to jam their own framework through – and retroactively sell it to him.

Of course, it’s even more complicated since Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema is the second holdout. Unlike previous examples where duos like stubborn Republican sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe from Maine could be won at the same time, Manchin’s problems with the bill (mainly climate related) are completely different from Sinemas (generally with taxes to do). And do not forget the fact that appealing to them too much could alienate other, more progressive, democratic voices. This is just a big mess.

And the problem for Biden (and America) is that the problems keep popping up. China threatens Taiwan and tests hypersonic weapons (says Biden we will defend Taiwan if they are attacked). Gas prices are rising, with Biden admitted they will not come down soon. And then there is the ongoing supply chain crisis.

The bite’s problems pile up so quickly that it reminds me texts by Hank Williams, Jr., “Interest is up and the stock market is down. And you only get assaulted if you go downtown. ”

These texts, recorded in 1981, reflected the dark times. It is worth noting that Ronald Reagan went on to win 49 states, three years later.

Joe Biden hopes better for a similar turnaround.

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