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Every Easter egg in ‘What if …?’ Premiere

What if there was a Marvel series depicting alternative versions of popular MCU characters? And what if the show was filled with Easter eggs from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe just waiting to be discovered?

Well, if such a thing existed then we would probably make a post like this and break down all the hidden references, secrets and little details you might have missed in the first episode of What if…?, Marvel’s latest Disney + series and their first ever animated series. The premiere focused on an alternative reality where Peggy Carter becomes a Super Soldier instead of Steve Rogers and is filled with recall to Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengersand other Marvel movies. It also has a hidden connection to Iron Man 2 which you may have missed Check it out and much more below:

If you liked the video on Easter eggs in the series premiere of What if…?, check out several of our videos below, including a comparison of the multiverse’s visions from Loki and Doctor Strange, the official explanation of how variants work within Marvel’s sacred timeline, and the possible connection between Kang and Tony Stark. Plus, there is plenty more on top ScreenCrushs YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to catch all of our future episodes. New sections of What if…?, premieres weekly on Wednesdays at Disney +.

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