Every She-Hulk look and every costume contributes to phenomenal variant covers

Every costume and She-Hulk has ever had a collision in an incredible Marvel Comics variant cover by artist Russell Dauterman,

Warning! Spoilers for Hun-Hulk # 1 (2022) by Marvel Comics

Virtually all looks and costumes Hun-Hulk ever the game has collided in a new amazing variant cover from superstar artist Russell Dauterman. In the newly divided variant covers to Hun-Hulk # 4, Jennifer Walter’s costumes are shown in full as the hero’s more than 40 years of history in the comics are shown in the incredible image. For fans of She-Hulk, the cover nicely sums up the character’s best looks.

Marvel Comics recently brought She-Hulk back to the basics ahead of the hero’s self-titled Disney + series. Jennifer Walters returns to practice law after a remarkable stay with the Avengers in Hun-Hulk # 1 by Rainbow Rowell, Roge Antonio, Rico Renzi and Joe Caramagna. But adjusting to her more normal life (as normal as it can be to be a Hulk) turns out to be harder than expected as she faces several challenges – the biggest of which is when Jack of Hearts returns from the dead , after things finally seem to have settled down. down.


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On his Twitter account, artist Russell Dauterman shared his latest costume cover Hun-Hulk # 4. The cover features She-Hulk’s best, boldest and most controversial looks and costumes. Included are She-Hulk’s classic jersey ensemble, her costume when she joined Fantastic Four, her Immortal Hulk costume, her controversial Avengers look, her suit for the courtroom and of course the torn costume she originally wore during her first appearance. in The Savage She-Hulk # 1. The image really captures She-Hulk’s development on Marvel Comics pages over the years.

She-Hulk Marvel Comics Cover.jfif (1)

Dauterman really expands his incredible design skills with his costume covers. The talented artist has made a handful of “every costume ever” covers, including collecting the best looks and costumes from Black Widow, Storm and Wolverine from X-Men as well as Scarlet Witch. The covers are not gimmicks, as Dauterman beautifully brings every costume and look to life with an astonishing sense of detail. The She-Hulk look is no exception, as it masterfully captures four decades of the Marvel Comics character.

As She-Hulk is about to become a bigger character than ever after her upcoming MCU debut, it’s great to see Marvel Comics give the keys to the hero to passionate creatives like Rowell and Antonio. The addition of excellent covers by Russell Dauterman (and Jen Bartel) further proves that the series is in good hands. Readers can download the variant cover when Hun-Hulk # 4 from Marvel Comics arrives at comic book stores on April 13, 2022.

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Source: Twitter – Russell Dauterman


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