Every Time Cobie Smulders Played the Character in the MCU, Ranked

Maria Hill, portrayed by Cobie Smuldersappears in nine of the MCU‘s many movies and TV series, one of which is the upcoming Disney + series Secret Invasion. According to a Marvel press release, the series is about the Skrulls, introduced in Captain Marvel, that have been living amongst humans for years. The show follows Talos, the Skrull leader portrayed by Ben Mendlesohn, and Nick Fury, portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson. By reprising her role as Maria Hill, fans are sure to have questions answered left by the scenes in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Whether Maria Hill is fighting alongside the Avengers or being Nick Fury’s right-hand woman, she is quick to protect those around her from the various alien invasions Earth continues to experience. In this extra scene via the BestMoments channel on YouTube from director Joss Whedon’s Marvel’s The Avengers, Maria Hill shows her disdain and utmost respect for Nick Fury’s behavior over the battle of New York. If previous appearances by Smulders across multiple projects have shown audiences anything, Maria has a pivotal role on-screen just as she does in the comics.

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8 Avengers: Endgame (2019)

During one of the fights in Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Strange tells Tony Stark they have one chance to beat Thanos. At the final battle in Avengers: Endgame, after the Hulk uses the Infinity Stones to bring everyone back, an epic battle ensues, as the Avengers fight to bring the Stones back to their original timeline before Thanos can get his hands on them. Stark hijacks the Stones from Thanos and delivers his own form of justice at the cost of his life. Maria Hill appears during the funeral for Tony Stark, but does not have any action or speaking other than being an observer.

7 Avengers: Infinity War (Post-Credits Scene, 2018)

During Avengers: Infinity War, the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Wakandans assembled to fight Thanos and suffered brutal loss. While Maria Hill does not appear in the main parts of the film, she and Nick Fury appear in the post-credits scene. Driving through New York City, Nick and Maria notice something weird and pull over to assess and help. This is key to Maria’s character: jumping into action to help people. As she looks into empty cars, she calls out for Nick, who is just as confused looking for people, not knowing about the events in Wakanda. Another aspect of Maria’s character is looking to Nick when something is weird.

6 Agents of SHIELD (Various Episodes)

Maria Hill appears in three episodes of the TV show Agents of SHIELD. In the pilot episode, Maria helps Coulson and his team readjust to the world after the Battle of New York, something she does throughout her appearances. During Season 1, Episode 20, she teams up with Agent Coulson to help with the fallout of SHIELD due to the events seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Finally, in Season 2, Episode 19, she makes a brief appearance to retrieve information, something she’s quite excellent at, from Coulson that leads to the opening events of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

5 Spider-Man: Far From Home (2022)

Her appearance in Spider-Man: Far From Home really showcases Maria’s skill set that audiences grew accustomed to in previous Marvel films. While Peter Parker is on a cross-continent trip with his classmates in Europe, elemental monsters attack. Peter finds himself being recruited by Nick Fury, with Maria Hill and Mysterio at his side. During the post-credits scene, it’s revealed that both Maria and Nick are Skrulls. According to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Smulders had no idea that Maria Hill and Nick Fury were Skrulls until one week before the premiere.

4 What If…? (2021)

During the Season 1, Episode 7, Smulders lends her voice to the animated version of Maria Hill. In true SHIELD agency fashion, a series of extraterrestrial events occurred and Maria led a group of agents to investigate. While the What If…? series explores the possible events that could transpire if one aspect of a known story were to change, some characters remain the same for the most part. In the case of Maria Hill, she remains focused and direct, but she is the director of SHIELD instead of being Deputy Director.

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3 Marvel’s The Avengers (2012)

Maria’s introduction into the MCU was in director Joss Whedon’s Marvel’s The Avengers. She is focused, direct, and ready for action. Despite working with the then-misfit arrangement of superheroes, she is not amused by Tony Stark’s attempts to make light of the situation. After Natasha Romanoff discovers Loki’s intentions and all hell breaks loose, Maria is quick to direct the SHIELD agents on keeping the helicarrier in the sky and the city of NYC safe. Of each introduction to a new character in the MCU, Maria Hill’s is one of the most impressive. If it were not for her swiftness into action as a commander, it’s unimaginable how the Avengers could’ve saved NYC from Loki.

2 Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Director Joss Whedon’s second Avengers movie Age of Ultron moved away from the alien invasion and focuses on a villain closer to home: a genocidal AI robot built from alien technology. Maria Hill appears at the celebration, asking why Dr. Jane Foster and Pepper Potts are missing, only to walk away with James Rhodes. In previous appearances, Maria Hill is serious and concerned with the safety of others. Yet in this instance it shows she recognizes how much she knows the Avengers and how much she cares about them. Moments later, when the broken Ultron emerges, she is the first to have her weapon ready. Additionally, her body physically shifts from being relaxed and enjoying a laugh to warrior-mode. This scene encapsulates Maria perfectly.

1 Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Thus far, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of the most pivotal movies in Maria Hill’s journey. When Captain America discovers his childhood best friend has been alive for 70 years but has been brainwashed by Hydra, SHIELD. crumbles. The reason this is pivotal to Maria Hill’s appearances hereafter is because she becomes the catalyst to practically every event in the MCU. When SHIELD falls, she becomes a liaison between the Avengers and Agent Coulson. The Sokovians are saved in Avengers: Age of Ultron because of her moral ethos to keep people safe and help Nick Fury retrieve helicarriers. She is not an official Avenger, but she sure deserves to be an honorary one, even if she is behind the scenes moving and shifting things.

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