Every Way Guardians Of The Galaxy is better than Marvel’s Avengers

From repetitive gameplay to a flat and linear story, there are many reasons why Marvel’s Avengers is a much weaker game than Marvel’s GotG.

Square Enix Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy the game has proven to be one of Marvel’s better video game adaptations and has managed to succeed where the publisher’s second Marvel title, Marvels Avengers, did not do. With its own unique take on the Marvel universe, Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy gives players a fun and exciting game that combines a choice-based story and rather tactical, challenging gameplay. The game has even been set to be nominated for various awards at this year’s Game Awards. That said, Marvel’s Avengers, which was released last year, was the flop, despite expectations for the game when the first few trailers were released. There are a number of reasons why Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy did it successfully compared to Marvel’s Avengers, specifically in gameplay, story, and replayability.


Despite Marvel’s Avengers characters like Hulk with different abilities and skills, most of the fight in the game felt bland and barely-mahy. Most of the enemies were easily defeated by spamming the same abilities over and over again, and most battles felt the same way. It was easy to upgrade a character, and most of the upgrades were slightly new animations to an existing attack. In many of the game’s explorable areas, there were almost no puzzles to solve, and most of the items given to the player in hidden chests were only upgrade materials. Exploration could feel boring and with low rewards, and the battles were repetitive, especially when players got into post-game.

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy changes it though. Despite the fact that only Star-Lord can be recorded Marvels GOTG, the player is able to command the rest of the Guardians both in and out of battle. The combat system is similar Final Fantasy 7 Remake, where the player can slow down the time a bit to command a set of abilities while also fighting against enemies in real time. It’s a good mix of both turn-based and real-time combat that allows for fun, challenging gameplay. The player can also command the Guardians to solve detailed puzzles throughout the game. Star-Lord can make Groot create a wooden bridge over a deep crack, make Gamora climb into hard-to-reach areas and make the rocket crawl into ventilation shafts to light doors. These puzzles are also extremely rewarding as they can give the player new outfits that each of the Guardians can wear both in the game and in interludes.

Marvel’s GotG’s world is fuller than Marvel’s Avengers’

Guardians of the Galaxy Game Heroes

From the crowded streets of Knowhere to the deserted fortress Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’s Lady Hellbender, the world Eidos-Montréal has created feels extremely alive and embodied. There are also hidden beams scattered across each level that fill the world’s overall history. Meanwhile, in Marvel’s Avengers, each area contains only enemies to interact with. There are no hidden logs filling the world, and the only NPCs talking to the player are either their teammates or the communication people. Some of the social hubs in the game contain other NPCs that the player can interact with, but they are only needed as mission givers or vendors.

IN Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy, the game allows the player to interact with different NPCs in each chapter. A good example of this is in Chapter 6, where the player wanders the bustling city of Knowhere as Star-Lord. The other heroes of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy are running their own business, so it’s up to the player to find the target location while exploring the lively neon city. The player can talk to certain NPCs in the crowd, interact with arcade machines found around the city, and even become pickpockets of some kids who look harmless. Marvel’s Avengers has almost none of this, which makes the game world feel lifeless for comparison.

Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Story beats The One In Marvel’s Avengers

marvel's guardians of the galaxy's game characters

Marvel’s Guardians of the galaxy the narrative is very much dependent on the decisions of the player. Most of these choices can result in random intricacies with consequences for the end of the game. The narrative is also extremely character driven and no doubt better written compared to the one seen in Marvel’s Avengers.

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The Guardians and the people around them are much more lived out and have their own goals and motivations while in Marvel’s Avengers most of the characters were pretty flat, joining the cause of fighting the Avengers because they simply thought AIM was evil. IN Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy, there are moments where you have to convince other characters to help you and they may decide not to in the end, depending on your dialogue choices. This adds extra depth to the story and makes the player feel as if they are directly affecting the story.

Marvel’s GotG’s outfits are not locked by a payment wall

All Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Outfits

Eventually the outfits come in Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy is not blocked by a payment wall that most skins are in Marvel’s Avengers. In addition to the skins you earned to pre-order the game (which you can still earn in the game), all outfits for each Guardian can be unlocked by exploring each chapter of the game. The outfits in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy are all unique and detailed and are faithfully recreated from comics and MCU.

Marvel’s Avengers has some amazing skins in the game, but most of them are locked behind a payment wall. The player must spend more money in the game to acquire these skins instead of earning them in the game or through exploration, as many require a repeated grind to unlock. It’s a shame that the game took this approach, like many of the legendary outfits in Marvel’s Avengers is extremely unique and looks cool. However, the rare and ordinary outfits are mostly only reflections of the standard suits in history.

Marvels Guardians of the galaxy is another big hit for Marvel Games’ lineup, delivering a package comparable to Marvel’s Spider-Man in terms of narrative depth and presentation. With its well-written narrative, challenging gameplay and detailed cosmetics, the game illustrates the potential Marvel’s Avengers was not able to realize. That Guardians the game embraces its comics and MCU roots, while delivering a whole new, unique version of the space adventurers that everyone has come to love over the years. Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy sets the bar for what a superhero game should be, and marks a significant improvement over Marvel’s Avengers.

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