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Evil Dead Restart Cut End caused the main character to explode in a blood bomb

The Evil Dead reboot from 2013, directed by Fede Alvarez, cut an ending that would have seen the protagonist explode in a “blood bomb”.

2013 restart of Evil death clipped an ending containing the protagonist who suffered a bloody explosion. 2013 Evil death was a remake of director Sam Raimi’s 1981 classic The evil death. Raimi acted as producer on the reboot, along with the original film star Bruce Campbell, director assignments were given to the relative newcomer Fede Alvarez, who was to direct 2016’s Do not breathe. The film starred Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas, Lou Taylor Pucci and Elizabeth Blackmore.

Evil death follows a plot similar to the original film, which sees five friends on their way out to a secluded hut in the woods, where they find the Book of the Dead, from which they inadvertently read, and unleash demons. As the demons attack, the friends begin to die out in horrific ways, with the protagonist Mia, an addict trying to break his habit, surviving to the bloody finale. The last moments of Evil death draw blood that rains down from the sky and covers Mia as she makes her last stand as she survives. However, it seems that Mia was originally meant to face a more explosive fate.


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While talking further Bloody Disgusting’s Boo Crew Podcast, Alvarez discussed the ending, originally written for Mia. The finale would have seen Mia, like the original Ash, attacked by a force from the forest, where Alvarez’s version took it even further. The ending would have kept showing Mia hovering in the air, where, in Alvarez’s words, “She was going to explode in this blood bomb.” See Alvarez’s comments below:

The original ending – we recorded some of it – ended up as the original film. [Mia] had to walk out of the house, she limped away from the house, and suddenly the force – you know, the crazy camera running through the woods – would come out of the house, she turned around, screamed, and that would be what it would be the end of it. “

“In the script, we went a little bit further and we say, yeah, that’s what we saw in the original movie, so I think we should see more this time. So we take this shot, and after she’s turned and screaming, we will see what happened to her.It was written while she was hovering for the first time – because you never see levitation in the movie.It was like the rules of [our] Evil Dead, to never see anything that tells you right away that you are in a supernatural world. So no one floats [in] Evil death. But at the last minute she wants to float. ”

“Suddenly her body was completely tense up like Exorcist style and then we had to tear her apart like all limbs or something like that. She was going to explode in this blood bomb. “

Although the visceral ending could have worked, it seems that Raimi spoke Alvarez from it. Raimi justifies that after Mia survived the demonic forces and her heroin retreats, it would be unfair to the audience to kill her. Although he apparently did not make a mistake, it is quite a statement as Raimi had a similar fate planned for Ash in the original. Nor has Raimi retreated for endings that see characters face a frightening death as the infamous finale of Pull me to hell.

2013 Evil death the film currently operates as a standalone film, although the franchise is still active. Evil Dead Rise, a new film produced by Raimi and Campbell recently filmed, and Evil Dead: The Game, a new video game, is scheduled to be released next year. About Alvarez’s Evil death will commit to Evil Dead Rise or any future projects need to be seen, though Jane Levy, who played Mia, has stated that she has no interest in returning to the role. For those looking for one Evil death correct, Evil Dead Rise watching the release on HBO Max in 2022.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting’s Boo Crew podcast

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