EXCLUSIVE: 5 common myths about hair loss BUSTET by an expert

We consider our hair a crown, literally. We are ready to go to any end to get a good healthy hair. From lubricating the curls to chopping them every few months, we do everything it takes to increase hair growth. But first we need to understand the facts so we know what works and what does not.

Hair oil will stop hair loss
Hair loss is complex and we must first understand the charge. The cause may be a malnutrition, improvement after illness, hormonal imbalance, stress, etc., so simply applying oil will not help control hair loss. A gentle massage on the scalp with oil can help with relaxation, as the intern improves overall health. But avoid vigorous massage as it does more harm than good.

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Hair oil will make the hair longer
Hair oil only cares for the hair and makes it smoother. It has no effect on the length of the hair. The length of the hair, its texture and quality are genetically determined. You can use hair oil a few hours before washing hair. this will prevent the hair from drying out and can help make the hair look smoother. Oiling overnight is not recommended and has no further benefits.

Cutting the hair short will control the hair loss
Absolutely not. Hair grows from the roots. So cutting the racks has no effect on the part under the skin. The longer the hair, the more severe the hair loss, because the long strands of hair curl inside to make a hairball look much larger. So even when you lose 4-5 threads, they are very similar. A short haircut will only help reduce your stress related to hair loss as you will not be able to see your hair anymore. Haircut has no effect on hair loss.


Shampooing of the scalp causes the hair to fall out
The shampoo halves in keeping the scalp clean. You shampoo your scalp at least 3 times a week to remove oil, dust and dirt that may accumulate on the scalp. Our hair grows in cycles. Most are in a growth phase, few are in the trap and rest phase. So the hair that is in the trimming phase is what you see while shampooing your hair. So do not be afraid, regular shampoo is very important to keep the scalp clean and thus have healthy hair.

Using SLS free shampoo will control hair loss
SLS or sodium laurel sulfate is a surfactant that helps form foam or grow a shampoo. You should only use an SLS-free shampoo if you have very dry scalp or sensitive skin. Otherwise, SLS is not harmful and is actually helpful in removing excess oil from your scalp. SLS free shampoo will not cleanse your scalp adequately if you have oily scalp.


About the author: Dr. Aanchal Panth, MBBS, MD (AIIMS, New Delhi), Consultant Dermatologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dermafollix Hair Transplant and Skin Clinic.

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