Fallout players fry their least favorite NPCs in each game

A recent Reddit post asks players to name their least favorite Fallout NPC from the entire series and fry them. Many players agree on who is the worst.

One Fall out the player has searched the community to find opinions about the NPCs from the series that were the most boring, annoying or just plain common, and the results are quite interesting. Fall out has been an integral part of the players’ collections, and many have fond memories of playing through the series. Each player can certainly point to their favorite NPC from the series, but chances are they will be quicker to respond to who their least favorite NPC was.

Fall out is a role-playing game in which the player assumes the role of a survivor after a nuclear war. Players go through the world and meet many NPCs through their time. Some of these NPCs can be useful on a player’s quests, provide cover and help defeat enemies. Other things Fall out NPCs are not that helpful and just live in the world and say the same few sentences over and over or provide insightful information. There are many different NPCs in each of the cities and roaming in the wilderness. Each of them has a unique and interesting story, and some are more concrete than others.


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In a recent Reddit post, the user asked HenrysOrangeBank Fall out community, as the NPC was the players’ least favorite and received surprisingly many responses. NPCs from all the games were mentioned, but there seemed to be a general consensus on who was the absolute worst. The clear winner was Fallout: New Vegas‘own Oliver Swanick, so much so that he even has a dedicated subreddit. In the game, Swanick finds the player in the town of Nipton and goes on to tell the player that he won the lottery, which allowed him to live. Players keep learning that the lottery he won was the cleansing of the city and he is the only person left alive.

Fallout New Vegas Mr.  House

Another challenger to the smallest favorite was Deputy Beagle, also from Fallout: New Vegas. Deputy Beagle is a temporary companion and comes along with the player during a quest. Other notable characters on the list included Dermot and Saint James from Fallout: New Vegas and Joanne Lynette from Fallout 2. Players had fun frying these NPCs and telling their favorite stories about why their choice was the worst. Overall, Oliver and Deputy Beagle took the cake.

Every player can surely remember their favorite NPC moment. Whether they remember an NPC doing something like saving them from a battle or failing into a wall and making them completely useless, the interactions can make the game. Players were disappointed when Bethesda did not include NPCs in Fallout 76 but luckily an update added them later in the game.

It’s always fun to discuss which NPC is the worst. The conversation also brought back some fond memories of playing Fall out series and transported players back to that world. Hoping for a new one Fall out games on the horizon, it will be exciting to meet the new NPCs and see what they have in store.

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Source: HenrysOrangeBank / Reddit

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