FFXIV: How to upgrade Bozjan Armor

Heavily reinforced armor can make Final Fantasy XIV Bozjan Southern Front much easier. These gear pieces include a new sub-state in the form of “Urgent”, which will greatly reduce weapon skills and spells. This is stacked with the existing Skill Speed ​​and Spell Speed ​​scores, and best of all, it does not occupy the subject matter of these statistics.

While upgraded Bozjan armor helps in related zones – including Bozjan Southern Front, Delubrum Reginae and Zadnor – it will actually be weaker than the strongest FFXIV Shadowbringer equipment when you are elsewhere. But getting and strengthening the armor also provides excellent glamor fashion. The later sets emulate the styles for key characters from Final Fantasy XII: Basch fon Ronsenburg, Larsa Solidor, Dommer Gabranth m. Fl.


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There are several steps to fully enhance the armor. Casual players will easily be able to make the first part, which can be done inside the Bozjan Southern Front and its mini-raid Castrum Lacus Litore. The second phase requires beating Delubrum Reginae Savage, which may require a highly organized and dedicated Free Company or Link Shell.

Bozjan Resistance Armor in Final Fantasy XIV

Trinity Avowed Boss in Final Fantasy 14

To start assembling the resistance armor, players must beat Castrum Lacus Litore at least once. Although this raid was originally designed for 48 people, it can be fought with as little as a full party, thanks to the Echo buffer. But first, each person should prepare with essences and useful lost actions.

Bozjan armor

Within Castrum Lacus Litore, players will earn 70 Bozjan coins each time they complete the raid. An additional 30 coins can also be obtained by rescuing all prisoners before the boss battle with Adrammelech – five per each rescued person. In addition, all Bozjan FATEs will also give one coin. Players who have unwanted field notes can also exchange them to the resistance historian for three coins each. Once Bozjan coins are held, they can be traded to resistance suppliers for the following items:

  • Helmet, gloves or boots: 14 coins
  • Chest or trousers: 28 coins
  • Upgrading helmet, gloves or boots: 500 coins
  • Upgrading chest or pants: 999 coins

In total, players must collect 3,596 coins per. role set. It comes to 25,172 coins if one wants to complete everything for each FFXIV tool type to strike, maim, strike, scout, aim, throw and heal. To make things go a little faster, upgrades will sometimes fall from all three bosses in Castrum Lacus Litore. This makes it worth completing the raid several times if the target is heavy armor.

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Law’s Order armor

The second upgrade phase is to get Law’s Order judge type armor. These are obtained with Bozjan gold coins that may fall randomly within the Delubrum Reginae. The weekly search A man’s relic from Annes will also give three coins for clearing the same raid. The second option is to trade Bozjan Silver Coins at a price of 100 Silver for one Gold. 20 silver coins fall from each time Delubrum Reginae, and the resistance historian will exchange five for each field note found in the raid. The specific resistance supplier in Gangos will sell the following:

  • Helmet, gloves or boots: 2 gold coins
  • Chest or trousers: 3 gold coins
  • A gold coin: 100 silver coins
  • Upgrade items: 10 plates

Plates are another reward and they will be dropped in Delubrum Reginae Savage this time. Each boss will provide a different type of equipment board, with all five slots allocated to clear the entire raid. This in turn means that Savage must be cleared 10 times to upgrade a complete set. Like resistance upgrades, Love’s Order upgrades will also rarely drop directly from bosses, allowing you to get gear up faster. Finally, one can complete the improvement process with a fully expanded Bozjan piece of armor, a standard statutory ordinance of the same type, and the upgrade item.

Blade’s equipment in Final Fantasy XIV

Bozjan Fate boss fight in Final Fantasy 14

Although it is extremely useful to have Hast, the whole armor reinforcement can take some time to acquire. To get things started, one option that players can get is performance rewards and armor drops found in Zadnor. These are weaker than the complete Law’s Order armor, but are much easier to grab.

Bozjan earring

The Bozjan earring provides another flat +3 Speed ​​and can be used for any job. It is earned by simply assessing 1,000 forgotten fragments from the Bozjan content. Just raising the character is likely to capture hundreds of fragments. More can be purchased from the Market Board to speed up the process, as typically weaker actions like Bubble and normal essences will be cheap. Note that as this is related to performance, players must leave Bozjan to pick up the item. If possible, assess fragments in Gangos instead of Bozhan’s southern front or Zadnor.

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Platinum Blades Armor

The last type of armor is Blades. These actually end up missing Haste, but have a higher item level, making them better than even rewards found in normal Eden Raids or Nier crossover battles. To buy them, players must use Bozjan Platinum coins. Five coins fall to clear the Dalriada. There is also a weekly task called ‘A ruined opportunity‘, which players can get from Merlzirn, which gives nine coins after beating both Castrum Lacus Litore and Dalriada before the weekly reset on Tuesday. Finally, 40 to 60 Bozjan Mythril coins can be obtained from Dalriada and five coins for each Dalriada Field Notes. 100 Mythril can be exchanged for a single Platinum. The Zadnor supplier will sell the following:

  • Helmet, gloves or boots: 6 platinum coins
  • Chest or trousers: 9 platinum coins
  • One platinum coin: 100 Mythril coins
  • Early to raise hair Haircut: 30 platinum and 5 gold coins

The price for a single role set will be a total of 32 platinum coins or 224 for all armor pieces. However, this is the only grocery store that will also sell a cosmetic item. Players need to decide if the gear or the new hairstyle is more important. One can also sell this on the Market Board for easy extra Gil. Still, by completing the weekly task consistently, it will only take a little perseverance to get the necessary coins for everything.

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Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5.

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